The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Ever Receive – From Me, To You

I received a powerful and welcomed Christmas gift this week. It’s so meaningful that I am going to give it to you. And then ask you to pass it on – to as many people you can. This gift is summed up in a four letter word. Here it is.

I hope (from the bottom of my heart) you will read this post to the end. Then take action. Go on- do it.  Please. Probably 90 seconds and it will be done. After all, it’s my last post for the year (Possums will be back mid-January).  In fact, as an extra bonus, there are two stories in this one post: linked, meaningful, reflective. Perfect for this time of year.

You see, I was given a great gift this week, and also the opportunity to give others a similar gift. And this gift is summed up in one, very simple word. It is something we all need in our lives.


Yes- hope.  That’s what I felt- very powerfully- when I read  this week the Principal’s review in the annual report of a girl’s school in Sydney. My heart literally beat faster (no exaggeration) when I read how she described the school’s purpose:

“ It is our aim that (girls at this school) graduate as Renaissance women- creative, resilient, articulate and well-educated, filled with a sense of humor and a capacity for adventure. We aim for our students to develop integrity, grace, a sense of purpose, and a strong moral and ethical outlook, raised to value service and to be a proactive and positive voice for others.”

Hope. I felt a great sense of hope reading that… for young people, for a better world, for being able to have a go and make a difference. Can’t explain it really.  It just lifted my spirits.

Then I Got The Phone Call

And then the phone rang. It was the Cancer Council. They had read my recent Possums posts about the habits I had changed since my throat cancer scare. They asked me to be an Ambassador for Quit For Cancer, an initiative whereby individuals are encouraged to quit a bad habit of their choice in February…. And hopefully kick a bad habit for good.

Giving The Gift Of Hope

Of course I said YES. I have a story to share, want to help raise money for cancer, and help give cancer sufferers hope. I have already made significant lifestyle changes to give me hope of longevity- a better chance to be around longer for my loved ones. And by being an Ambassador for Quit For Cancer I can perhaps help persuade others to quit a bad habit, and help them achieve their goals.

My only problem is I have very few bad habits left to give up! I’ve stopped smoking cigars, drink almost no alcohol, have lost 10 kilograms in 10 weeks, am getting pretty fit, etc. I reckon what I’ll do instead is start a habit: meditation, every day, for February. And thereby reduce the bad habit of addiction to stress, and resistance to being ‘present.’

What You Can Do- If You Feel So Inclined

Two things:

a)      Give up a bad habit for February- and get sponsors

b)      Sponsor me…. Please. Every dollar counts. If you’ve enjoyed Possums this year, and got any value out of it, please consider making a small donation. Here’s my link:

I really appreciate you reading Possums this year, and for your feedback. Thank you. I have learnt a lot. I wish you all a safe and peaceful holiday season (if your part of the world is celebrating a holiday season), and here’s to an inspiring, fun-filled year of learning and growth in 2013.

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2 Responses to The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Ever Receive – From Me, To You

  1. Blake December 12, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    I think the idea of starting a habit is a good one and more people should be encouraged to do that. From what I understand, it’s the ‘giving up something’ that often leads people to fail their resolutions. But if the habit is replaced with a better one there’s more chance of success.

    It’s something my mom has lived by since a couple of health scares.

    • Chris Savage December 12, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

      Thanks Blake!!

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