Attention Recruiters! Book Now For The Savage Growth Masterclass

GregChris300pxAttention all recruiters! Here is your chance to learn how to explode the growth of your business. For non-recruiters, watch this space for information about your chance to do the same!

My brother Greg (well known in the recruitment industry) will join me for an intensive half-day Masterclass series around Australia and New Zealand in March 2016 specifically for recruitment Owners and Managers.

‘Powering Profits in Disrupted Times’

The recruitment industry faces unprecedented change, and we are all grappling with many challenges. Yet conditions are perfect to differentiate, pull ahead of the market and explode profit growth.

This Owner and Manager Savage Growth Accelerator Master Class unlocks the proven growth learnings from 50 years of experience owning, building, leading, buying and selling recruitment and consulting businesses across the world.

The session includes a comprehensive workbook which will be your personal profit growth roadmap, covering;

• Planning. The 10 pillars of growth you must know and follow
• Positioning. Developing a purpose, vision and elevator pitch to drive your business forward
• People. How to leverage recruiters and managers in the new world
• Innovation, diversification and disruption. Start now
• Fearless leadership
• Sexing up the client relationship
• Modern prospecting and business development
• Performance management for maximum returns
• Brand, promotion, and digital marketing concepts you need
• Building value for exit

Powerful. Insightful. Relevant. Practical. Critical. Invaluable.

Send your entire senior team, and those you want to take on a growth journey fuelled by The Savage Growth Accelerator
Book Now. Early Bird Discounts apply

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth Auckland

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2 Responses to Attention Recruiters! Book Now For The Savage Growth Masterclass

  1. Eda October 29, 2015 at 1:44 pm #

    Very timely! I think there are lessons in there for client-side recruiters as well. The customer-centric focus is oftentimes not applied to candidates (without whom you could not have recruitment!). My experiences as a candidate and some stats around candidates expectations from the recruitment process in the digital age:

  2. Catherine November 16, 2015 at 8:47 am #

    Hi Chris
    Enjoy your blog posts each week. This one isn’t for me as I’m not a recruiter. However, forwarded to my brother in Perth who does run a recruitment business. He signed up. Look forward to hearing how it went. Cheers. Catherine.

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