The Key To Becoming A Great Leader

Fear, doubt, uncertainty, self-criticism. That’s how it feels. Leadership can suck. That’s why I am putting my hand up for this. And you can too.

They say the higher you climb the ladder, the better the view. But the air is thin. A leader gives and gives. Pumps tyres. Motivates and inspires. But who is helping the leader? Who is putting their arm around the leader’s shoulders and asking:“Are you okay?”

Not many people. That’s why I am taking part in this free event- and encourage you to listen in.

Crack the Leadership Code: Lead with Confidence, Make a Difference and Build a Corporate Career You Love! Hosted by Dr. Michelle Pizer (pictured).

I’m excited to be a guest speaker along with over 28 other global leadership experts, including Marshall Goldsmith, in the third season of the upcoming summit:

Last year thousands of people in over 90 countries improved their leadership.

This year, the 15-day event begins on July 11th and it is FREE!

Click here to reserve your seat! 

Learn PRACTICAL and INSPIRING ways to become a better leader and thrive in your career.

Register now for the July 11th launch! It’s free!

Dr Beverly Kaye. Bill Treasurer. Dr Bob Rausch. Cameron Morrisey. Chris Taylor. Christele Canard. Cinnie Noble. Dana Theus. Dionne Lew. Dov Baron. Eileen McDargh. Farnoosh Brock. Gordon Tredgold. Jackie Woodside. Jim Dethmer. Jodi Womack. Karin Hurt. Kevin Eikenberry. Kevin Gazzara. Laurie Sudbrink. Lennox Cornwall. Marshall Goldsmith. Megan Dalla Camina. Michael Bunting. Michelle McQuaid. Peter Bregman. Ron Friedman. Sarah McKay. Sue Langley.

Here are just some of the important topics and takeaways from the summit:

  • How to leverage your career to match your authentic self
  • Managing conflict intelligently
  • Getting started when you’re stuck
  • Getting good people to stay
  • The mindful leader
  • The value of failure
  • Why leadership wellbeing is contagious
  • Engaging millennials
  • Closing the courage gap

Being a great leader can feel as elusive as cracking a secret code. But it doesn’t have to be.

Claim your seat now.

P.S. Each interview link will only be available for 72 hours after it’s released.

P.P.S. Register here! And be sure to let the friends and colleagues in your circle know about this important event.

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