Let’s Save A Life Tomorrow

CrQpTjDVUAAGqJHWant to join me in saving a life tomorrow? No kidding. You can make that kind of impact- in just 24 hours time- by doing this one thing. If you do not read on, someone might die. Read on. Please.

I wrote a post once about knowing when to ‘turn up.’ Read it again or read it for the first time. And then join me please in turning up tomorrow, on Thursday 8 September.  It’s a day that was inspired by a former colleague, Gavin Larkin, who sadly passed away about five years ago after a long illness. It’s a day he designed, and is built around saving lives by asking one very simple question. Here it is.

Are you ok?

From the R U OK? Website – R U OK?Day is a national day of action on the second Thursday of September, dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’ This year’s theme is to encourage us all to reconnect with those who are important to us.

By regularly reaching out to one another and having open and honest conversations, we can all help build a more connected community and reduce our country’s high suicide rate.

More than 2,200 Australians suicide each year and men are around 3 times more likely to die by suicide than females (ABS 2012). For each person that takes their life, another 30 people attempt to end their own life (SANE Australia).

Most people don’t openly share their feelings, particularly if they’re struggling. The best thing we can all do is regularly talk to the people we care about – regardless of whether they are at risk – because connection is good for us all.

In the time it takes to have your coffee, you can start a conversation that could change a life.

Possums readers- my challenge to you- Who will you ask?

How can a conversation change a life?

Connection and open, honest conversations are good for our wellbeing – whether or not we’re struggling with a problem. It helps us to feel valued and supported by the people around us. There’s also an emerging body of research which links supportive social relationships and a sense of social connection with protective factors in suicide prevention.

What to do next…please:

  1. Make a big diary note that tomorrow, Thursday, 8 September is R U OK? Day
  2. Spread the word and tell others to do it too
  3. Think about who you know who might benefit from a quiet conversation, build around ” So- how are you? How are you really?”
  4. Review the R U OK? Website and read more about this day, and review the resources available
  5. And J.F.D.I – Just Fucking Do It on Thursday 8 September.
  6. Tell me how you went- please

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  1. Jaqui September 7, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    As a result of this campaign I regularly ask people if they are OK, not in the casual, ‘how are you’ way, but in the deeper way . . .and it’s been surprising how people, even those that you might not know that well share if they’re not ‘quite ok’. It’s quite a humbling way to really connect with people and bring a little bit of humanity into a world where it’s lacking. Thanks for the prompt Chris.

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