The C-Word Crippling Our Crisis Response To Covid-19

The creative and communications industry is moving too slowly to address the business crisis brought by COVID-19. We need to do more, and fast, if we are to have ‘no regrets’. Here’s how.

How to Sell Ideas Via Video Pitches and a Free Guideline Chart

We need to be brilliant at selling our ideas to clients via video if we are to survive the Twilight Zone of marketing. Here’s how!

Fighting Back: Selling Ideas In The Twilight Zone

Agency leaders take heart! Our clients need us and what we can deliver to their businesses now more than ever. But we need to tread cautiously.

Why We All Need To Be 60 Percenters To Survive

If our industry is to make it through this crisis, and if we’re to keep our jobs, we need to swallow bitter medicine.

This is what it tastes like: we need to volunteer NOW to take a 40% pay cut. Awful tasting medicine! Here’s why.

Business Action Plan - High Resolution

Free Business Action Plans in Time of Crisis

Here are two free ‘Business Action Plan’ worksheets, drawn by the super talented Guy Downes, and designed to help you navigate your business through these rough times. Print them out, and get cracking!

Business Action Plan - High Resolution