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How To Win By Not Being The Best

Is this madness? “If you want to succeed, do NOT try to be the best at what you do.” No. It’s absolute magic. Here’s why.

Okay. It sure sounded like madness when I heard it. Then, in the next sentence, came the gem that can change careers and businesses- for the better.
This will make you think. It will challenge you. And if you can work out how to use it, will turbo-charged you to greater, faster success.

Here’s the story. The global advertising industry leader was live on satellite link from Europe, sharing with the 200 industry leaders in the room his counsel on how to thrive in fast changing times. His key message: Do not try to be the best at what you do. Instead:

Let’s Save A Life Tomorrow

Want to join me in saving a life tomorrow? No kidding. You can make that kind of impact- in just 24 hours time- by doing this one thing. If you do not read on, someone might die. Read on. Please.

I wrote a post once about knowing when to ‘turn up.’ Read it again or read it for the first time. And then join me please in turning up tomorrow, on Thursday 8 September. It’s a day that was inspired by a former colleague, Gavin Larkin, who sadly passed away about five years ago after a long illness. It’s a day he designed, and is built around saving lives by asking one very simple question. Here it is.