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Setbacks Are The Best Motivators Of All!

Are you able to get up when you’ve been knocked down? It’s a key to progress. Here’s a powerful ‘helping hand’ to get you off the floor. It’s lifting me daily. Give it a go!

The undefeated martial arts world champion had the 200 advertising and media agency CEOs spellbound as she told her story of resilience. Her world changed instantly while at the height of her sporting prowess. The diagnosis: cancer. Then a letter arrived, from her ‘sensei’ (teacher) – her most valued mentor and coach. In it, just one sentence.

Savage Oxygen- the new book from the Possum Wrestler

Possums subscribers- huge news for little old me. It took a year longer than planned. Something you have been waiting for with bated breath. Relax. Here it is!!!

Savage Oxygen…. my new book!!! A ‘mobile mentor’ of inspiration for happier, more successful careers.

The blurb is below. But don’t delay! If you have ever got any value out of my five years of Possums posts, then please- click on the link below and buy a copy. Or as many as you like! For your teams…. gifts for clients… to balance rickety tables…. whatever. Buy up big!!! Here’s the link:

The Toughest Call Of All

I sat under my desk with my head in my hands, shaking with fear. I am shamed by the reason. But now I know how to deal with it.

My Chifley Square coffees with Andrew Cohen always leave me energised. We were chatting about when things go wrong, and the client gets upset. Andrew told me a story. “So the client called. I knew what he wanted, that he’d be pissed off, so I answered it and ….” That’s a key difference between Andrew and I. You see, he has courage. Particularly, the courage to:

Do This In 2016 And Thrive

This one piece of advice will bring you the biggest results, pleasure, success and well being in 2016. I promise you that- hand on heart. Here it is.

Welcome back, Possums friends. Hoping your festive season was happy, safe, fun. Mine was. Family. Sun. Exercise. And working on my priorities for 2016. I got very focused on what one thing I could do in 2016 which would have the most positive impact. Then I recalled what advertising icon Peter Meads had told me was the secret to business success. Here it is. I reckon it’s the most potent insight I could give anyone this year. Agree?

Why Being Romeo Sucks

I am outing myself as being somewhat of a Romeo. Hard to believe given my Danny DeVito shape. But it’s true, and here’s why being Romeo sucks.

Settle down! This is NOT an X-rated expose. It’s a story challenging you about who YOU are. Many fine people screw this up. When they do, they hurt others, and themselves. Those hurt keep wondering: “Why? What have I done to you to deserve this?” First, a thought from Oprah Winfrey, and then my explanation:

Are You Taking Care Of Your Most Powerful Asset?

It’s easy to make this one fatal career mistake. We neglect to nurture the most important asset we have to accelerate success as our careers evolve. Do so at our peril. Are you stuffing up?

Does this sound familiar? We get so absorbed working ‘in’ the business of what we do that we forget to work ‘on’ ourselves and our own ‘branding.’ We fail to keep building profile, reputation and ‘opportunity momentum.’ Oscar Wilde: “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

Critical to career success is being talked about- positively- by people who have networks and influence. It’s classic ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. We spend big time working on building word-of-mouth for product and company brands. We have to do the same for our professional brands – to build ‘goodwill equity’ over time with a small group of executives who will refer us to career opportunity. These rare supporters become your: