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Three Words To Define Your Year

I’m back with gusto to writing Possums! All because of three words which have inspired me to make 2019 awesome. Read on for the magic…..

2018 was good, but tough. Frantically busy, ‘successful’ first half. Reflection, soul-searching, recalibration in the second. In looking for inspiration to channel energies into 2019, I stumbled upon this razor-sharp idea. It will ensure I keep strong and on track as the grind unfolds. It will for you too. Start by imagining this – it’s the last day of this year….

The Secret Of High Performance

If you want inspiration on how to be part of a brilliant, winning, growing, thriving team and business, then read on. I have a secret to share that will deliver success. Here it is.

My new business is all about helping leaders accelerate growth. It means I get the privilege of ‘looking under the hoods’ of more communications businesses than you can poke a stick at. And every time I get asked the same question: “How do we create a high performance culture in our business?”

The answer is simple. Not glamorous. Not sexy ‘visions and values nicely framed on the tea room wall’ stuff. If you want to build and be a part of a business that is a high performing, winning, leading unit, it all starts with doing this one thing. There is no short-cut.

Savage Oxygen- the new book from the Possum Wrestler

Possums subscribers- huge news for little old me. It took a year longer than planned. Something you have been waiting for with bated breath. Relax. Here it is!!!

Savage Oxygen…. my new book!!! A ‘mobile mentor’ of inspiration for happier, more successful careers.

The blurb is below. But don’t delay! If you have ever got any value out of my five years of Possums posts, then please- click on the link below and buy a copy. Or as many as you like! For your teams…. gifts for clients… to balance rickety tables…. whatever. Buy up big!!! Here’s the link:

The Red Chair and Dead Child – Powerful Lessons For Business, And Life

Eight chairs around the boardroom table. Seven black – one red. “Why one red chair?” I asked the lawyer hosting the meeting. His answer is a lesson in life and business. Use it, please. It’s powerful.

I’ve wanted to tell you about Zelda for a while now. She’s a murdered child. I never had the right ‘hook.’ Now I have it. The red chair.

“We wanted to change our culture to make us more client focussed,” the lawyer explained. “So we have a red chair in every meeting room. When we meet by ourselves, the red chair represents our client. It reminds us we only exist for that client- to deliver solutions and value. It reminds us to keep client-focussed.”

And there’s the lesson on accelerating success and growth – a vital message to:

Attention Recruiters! Book Now For The Savage Growth Masterclass

Attention all recruiters! Here is your chance to learn how to explode the growth of your business. For non-recruiters, watch this space for information about your chance to do the same!

My brother Greg (well known in the recruitment industry) will join me for an intensive half-day Masterclass series around Australia and New Zealand in March 2016 specifically for recruitment Owners and Managers.

The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Received- And I’m Mad As Hell

Have I gone mad? Or is this just the most bizarre story you’ve heard about screwing up a customer ‘Moment of Truth?’ It’s the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Your views?

CMO Andy is passionate about a lot of things: Zero Moments Of Dissatisfaction is one one them, a nice twist on the ‘Moments Of Truth’ concept. If he had hair, he’d pull it out hearing this story.

I was booked to leave on a Tuesday on a flight to Singapore. Four days later, I’d meet ‘important others’ (flying from Sydney that day) at Singapore airport to fly together to Europe, returning to Sydney together a couple of weeks later. Then, a problem. The day before I was due to fly, one of my ‘important others’ fell sick. Full-on flu. Bed-ridden. I needed to be there for the next four key days to help ready all for the trip. I called the airline. “I won’t make the Sydney to Singapore flight. I don’t want any refund, no worries. In fact, I will book a new and separate flight with your airline Sydney to Singapore four days later so I can make the Singapore-Europe connection/leg of my original ticket. Okay?” Their answer rocked me: