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The Key To A Winning Team Will Be Music To Your Ears

A chance meeting in Melbourne gave me a new insight into how to build winning teams. Here’s what happened- and the lesson in it for you, your business, your life. Beware- it might depress you. Or spur you into action? Let’s see….

We arrived at the restaurant. My 12 year old mate suddenly grabbed my arm: “OMG! OMG,” he enthuised, breathlessly. “LOOK! Look who it is!! It’s…it’s Archie Thompson! And…and…(gasp)…Besart Berisha!” – two strikers from the Melbourne Victory football club. The entire team was in the private dining room. We approached Thompson. He graciously chatted, and then invited us into the team dinner room. We looked in from the door. What an inspiring group of young people- beautifully mannered, dressed, welcoming. The mood in that room was excited, warm, energised, inspired, bonded. I wanted to cut off a slice and take it home.

I returned to the table. “Now, that’s a winning culture,” I said. “They will do very well this year. I know this, because I just did one very simple thing….” This is what I did.

How To Keep Strong When The Pressure Is On

I gave a presentation yesterday to a room of colleagues. I got to a slide I’d presented a thousand times, and yet its message struck me hard- as if I was hearing it for the first time. It was a message of hope, and of resilience. Here it is.

Our lives and roles can’t always be a bowl of cherries- sometimes the pressure builds, tensions rise, relationships get tested, issues complicate. Constant pressure depletes energy – it pulls you down, clouds judgement. You can feel trapped in the relentlessness of it all. The fun goes. It becomes a grind. We can become, quite simply, unhappy- right there deep inside. Know what I mean?

And it was on slide 17 of my presentation on how to be more effective and efficient every day that I was reminded of this great piece of advice. Here it is, and how I have used it to lift my spirits. Maybe it can help you do the same when you are feeling the pinch. Here’s that message from slide 17:

How To Get What You Want- Every Time!

There’s something I do at the start of most meetings that often shocks those there. Some love it. Some hate it. It’s a recipe, though, for getting what you want- in business, and in life. Do you do it?

My current working day is filled with meetings- often 10 to 12 in a day. Some I set up. Usually, given my role, it’s others who have asked to see me- colleagues, potential partners, industry associates, general contacts. I have to move through them quickly, efficiently, and with focus and momentum.

So I often start meetings others have asked for with this question: “Before we begin, tell me this- if you had a magic wand, what would happen at the end of the meeting- what is it you want from me or want me to do?” It’s a concept I encourage all to embrace. Do it for yourselves. This is what I mean. This is the habit I encourage you- and me- to do a lot more of.

One Critical Decision That Will Turbo-Charge Your Career – And It’s Fun!

If you want to have more fun every day, be a better employee, client service person, deliver more value, then stop spending big time trying to improve weaknesses. No kidding. Instead- do this one thing and accelerate forwards. Here it is.

I love feedback- so long as it is positive! And I get a lot of it- much of which I don’t like.

Consistently through my career I have been told of the areas I need to work on- my weaknesses. Oh yes- there are plenty of them. I have tried. Promise. Really- I have. Worked hard at them- at addressing these ‘weaknesses’. Made progress. One inch at a time. I still get the same feedback on the ‘development areas’, but not as robustly as before.

Here’s my point. And a suggestion for you. It will change your path forward. And that’s a promise. Here it is.

The Key To Falling In Love With Your Job Again

I have discovered the secret to making sure your job is filled with great moments, experiences and buzz. It’s the key to preventing staleness, stagnation and depletion. Seriously- they should make a movie about it. Here it is.

I got the clue watching the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” The aged hotel owner, who occasionally returns to the hotel where he started out as a Bell Boy, always stays in the smallest room, with no bathroom. Later, in the flashbacks, we see it’s the room he lived in as a young lad, when he was learning the trade, and having a blast. And that reminded me of another great movie, “Citizen Kane”, where the defeated, miserable, sad media tycoon, on his deathbed, murmurs “Rosebud…Rosebud….” The camera takes us to the attic of his house where we discover the name of his childhood snow sleigh was just that.

You see, both depleted men returned to the source of their greatest happiness- and wanted to spend time in that memory again. And here’s the insight I got from that- powerful and real. And I am putting it into action right now.

Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence- In Business and In Life

What is the most valuable thing the most influential people in your life have given you? What is it that has made all the difference? Here’s the answer. It is the secret to building genuine and deep influence. Do you do it?

Critical to business success is building our ‘footprint of influence,’ that hard-to-describe ability to be perceived as someone who is able to help and assist- someone with substance and genuine credential- someone people reach out to for counsel- someone who is wanted and needed.

Before I share the Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence, here’s the one thing the most influential people I know always do. It’s this that is more important in building influence than the other nine tips added together. Quite simply, this is the most powerful thing heavy duty influential people give you- every time: