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How To Find Inspiration When You Need It

I have been looking for clues as to what genuinely inspires me. And I found it when a colleague did not like a suggestion I made. There it was. The answer. Right in front of me. Now- does this hold true for you? Is this a key to your inspiration?

“You must get closer to the client work,” I encouraged my colleague, who spends most of his time ‘managing’ business issues. He looked uneasy. Silent. “What’s up? Is there a problem with that?” I asked, perplexed. “Well,“ he replied hesitantly. “It’s just that…the client work thing… it’s kind of not what I do these days… I am just, well, not sure I am able to do it anymore.”

And there it was. The secret to inspiration. You see, it was clear what my colleague needed to do. It would absolutely revitalise and inspire the pants off him. Here it is. Hold true for you too? Sure does for me.

The Most Important Question To Ask If You Want To Thrive

Here’s a very personal question. It’s likely the first time you’ll really think about this issue. The answer might surprise you, and can –literally- energise your future. Here is that critical question- for you, and for me.

My last Possums post suggested inspiration comes from ‘getting started.’ If we get cracking on a project, even if we don’t feel like it, then very quickly the ideas and momentum- and inspiration- comes too. My view was that environments can inspire (eg: for me, say, Rome, or the artefacts and furniture in my office, etc), but it’s taking action that really counts.

Then a wise colleague generously shared a powerful insight that has sat front and centre in my mind. This is part of what he wrote to me. “To be inspired is to ‘breathe in.’….. There’s also nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with the things, and especially people, who give you heart, even comfort.” And in that statement is THE question to answer if you want to thrive. Here is it.

How To Get Lashings Of Inspiration- Whenever You Want It

Something powerful happened to me strolling through the streets of Rome in June. Crumbling grandeur, faded pastels, blue skies, Vespas aplenty. I sucked it all in and then, kapow, it happened. Here it is. It’s the secret to getting inspired.

I felt energised. My creative juices flowed. My heart beat a little faster. I kind of felt anything was possible. That I was invincible and that my journey had only just begun. It was a rare and special feeling. And I wanted more. And that’s the point. The environment lifted my spirits, but all I did was keep walking those streets, sucking in more of that feeling.

It’s not hugely helpful. You see- I don’t live in Rome. My life is elsewhere. I need to find my inspiration elsewhere. But how? Where? The answer on how to get inspiration whenever you want it is right here. It’s like flicking on a switch. And hey presto, here it is. This is how you do it. But beware. You might not like it much.

The Key To Achieving Goals- Simple and Powerful, Yet Damned Hard To Do

There is a simple, unglamorous, obvious key ingredient to achieving goals, dreams, aspirations. It is right here in front of us, but so damned hard to do. Are you able to do it? If you can, victory is yours. Here it is.

The World Cup is upon us. It was while watching a documentary last night on the fortunes of six superb Manchester United players from the 1990s that I was reminded of this powerful insight, shared with me on Friday by a colleague.

Lukas inadvertently gave me the message for today’s Possums when he told me this: “Well, it’s time to quote from that movie ‘The Best Marigold Hotel’, when the son who is trying to restore the old hotel in India says:

Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence- In Business and In Life

What is the most valuable thing the most influential people in your life have given you? What is it that has made all the difference? Here’s the answer. It is the secret to building genuine and deep influence. Do you do it?

Critical to business success is building our ‘footprint of influence,’ that hard-to-describe ability to be perceived as someone who is able to help and assist- someone with substance and genuine credential- someone people reach out to for counsel- someone who is wanted and needed.

Before I share the Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence, here’s the one thing the most influential people I know always do. It’s this that is more important in building influence than the other nine tips added together. Quite simply, this is the most powerful thing heavy duty influential people give you- every time:

Why I Have Become Addicted To These Moments – You Will Be Too

Something extraordinary happened last week. And the week before. I want more of it. Much more. It’s addictive. At work. And in life. Are you getting enough of this? Here’s what it is, and where to get it.

First, my colleague, out of the blue, made his (in his mind) world famous snapper pie last Monday. He cooked it in the industrial oven in the building’s kitchen, and served it up to our small team of five. From our hectic realities, we suddenly sat quietly, focused on food, talked, communed. Just for 45 minutes. Then, two days later, I received a letter. Yes- l…e…t…t…e…r. It contained sad news- the passing in the UK of an aged Aunt with whom I’d lost touch. And was written with care and great respect by someone I did not know. I re-read the letter a dozen times, felt its tactility, have filed it away.

I know this sounds maybe a bit obtuse, but it is haunting me. You see, I loved those moments. And want more of them. I want more of: