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Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence- In Business and In Life

What is the most valuable thing the most influential people in your life have given you? What is it that has made all the difference? Here’s the answer. It is the secret to building genuine and deep influence. Do you do it?

Critical to business success is building our ‘footprint of influence,’ that hard-to-describe ability to be perceived as someone who is able to help and assist- someone with substance and genuine credential- someone people reach out to for counsel- someone who is wanted and needed.

Before I share the Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence, here’s the one thing the most influential people I know always do. It’s this that is more important in building influence than the other nine tips added together. Quite simply, this is the most powerful thing heavy duty influential people give you- every time:

Why I Have Become Addicted To These Moments – You Will Be Too

Something extraordinary happened last week. And the week before. I want more of it. Much more. It’s addictive. At work. And in life. Are you getting enough of this? Here’s what it is, and where to get it.

First, my colleague, out of the blue, made his (in his mind) world famous snapper pie last Monday. He cooked it in the industrial oven in the building’s kitchen, and served it up to our small team of five. From our hectic realities, we suddenly sat quietly, focused on food, talked, communed. Just for 45 minutes. Then, two days later, I received a letter. Yes- l…e…t…t…e…r. It contained sad news- the passing in the UK of an aged Aunt with whom I’d lost touch. And was written with care and great respect by someone I did not know. I re-read the letter a dozen times, felt its tactility, have filed it away.

I know this sounds maybe a bit obtuse, but it is haunting me. You see, I loved those moments. And want more of them. I want more of:

How To Become Addicted to Deliberate Oxygen

I am becoming addicted to this. I feel guilty about doing it, and try to do it when no-one is watching. But that’s my problem. This is a wonderful addiction- and I am doing it right now. Want to join me?

You see, I am alone, four hours south of Sydney. I am alone to feed my lovely new addiction. I don’t have the courage to do it very often, but my family has sent me away now to take a double dose. Want to know what I am doing?

The Secret To How To Motivate Others- And Yourself

I flew to New Zealand recently. A colleague flew likewise an hour after me. “Hey- I watched “Blue Velvet” on the flight- what a movie!” he told me. And then there’s me. You see, embarrassingly, this is what I did for those three hours. But please- don’t tell anyone. Shhhhh.

I spent the flight to NZ searching for my blibula spot.

Are you brave enough to truthfully identify and share what your ‘blibula’ spot is? Huh? What’s that? Calm down. Relax. This is what it is. “It’s a spot on a dog’s stomach which when rubbed, causes his leg to rotate wildly.” The Brand Guy told me about it.

When I fly on business, on the way to my destination, I always try to work – non-stop. I used that NZ flight to source material for a new workshop on ‘Brand You’ I am presenting to one of our companies in a month…. three hours reading an awesome book- “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There- How Successful People Become Even More Successful,” written by Marshall Goldsmith. And here’s the key to what it told me.