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5 Great Ideas To Getting Your Pipe In Tip Top Working Order

If you work in a services business, whether recruitment, PR or advertising, the new business pipeline is the lifeblood of your business. If you are good at it, your career progression will streak ahead of others. Here’s how to get a dry pipeline in to tip top order, fast.

Know This Nightmare?

The agency is flat out on big projects. Midnight oil being burnt. Pizzas being ordered late at night. Everyone’s on edge. Then, suddenly, several projects come to an end concurrently. You check out the revenue forecasts for the next three months. Oh dear. There’s a big black hole in identified client work and revenues. But your salary bill does not drop with the revenue, unless you take drastic action.

So-you call an urgent new business meeting (you used to have them weekly before they fell by the way side when you got busy- remember?). “What’s on the list?” Oh double dear. Not much. CRISIS! You need a robust, relevant new business list, fast. But how do you select client targets where you will get their attention and get a meeting?

Here are five proven ideas to get a robust pipeline list of targets together, fast.

Coco Chanel’s Secret To Winning Presentations – Every Time!

I have always rated myself (so modestly) as quite brilliant at new business pitches, and at structuring presentations to win. Deluded fool that I am! This became abundantly clear when I read this story about Coco Chanel. I suddenly realized how naive I was, and how badly I had got it wrong. Here’s the story.

I loved the theatre and acting as a young man. So new business pitches were an aspect of business I was immediately seduced by. The thrill of the chase, the creativity of shaping a great presentation, the fun of rehearsing, the theatre and drama of the pitch. That delicious taste of victory.

I spent years gathering techniques to deliver the perfect pitch, and to structure presentations so they are irresistible persuasive. The hit rate has been pretty good. It would have been much higher if I had heard this story about fashion icon Coco Chanel at the beginning of the journey. Here it is.

Eight steps to making new business part of your DNA

Keeping that all-important new revenues pipeline full is the stuff of nightmares for business owners. But getting it right is key to survival. And if you help your boss win business, your career will sky-rocket. Here’s how to do it.

Making ‘Pipeline’ part of your business’s DNA is key to success and survival.

Identifying, nurturing and then converting new business revenue can be one of the most thrilling parts of our business. It’s also critical. The Pipeline must always be full, no matter how busy we are at any given time. The busyness suddenly ends as projects wrap up. You look into the Pipe and there’s nothing there. Oh dear.

Here are EIGHT STEPS to making Pipeline part of your DNA.