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You Must Know This About No

If you can ‘sell’, you become hugely valuable. Here’s a brutal truth about selling. It’s the difference between success and failure. Do you know it?

Selling is hard. It needs courage. Resilience. Confidence. In modern business, the ability to ’sell’ is more critical than ever. Yet the process is fraught with setbacks and rejection. It can be depleting and draining. Unless you believe this one brutal truth. Here it is.

Savage Oxygen- the new book from the Possum Wrestler

Possums subscribers- huge news for little old me. It took a year longer than planned. Something you have been waiting for with bated breath. Relax. Here it is!!!

Savage Oxygen…. my new book!!! A ‘mobile mentor’ of inspiration for happier, more successful careers.

The blurb is below. But don’t delay! If you have ever got any value out of my five years of Possums posts, then please- click on the link below and buy a copy. Or as many as you like! For your teams…. gifts for clients… to balance rickety tables…. whatever. Buy up big!!! Here’s the link:

Attention Recruiters! Book Now For The Savage Growth Masterclass

Attention all recruiters! Here is your chance to learn how to explode the growth of your business. For non-recruiters, watch this space for information about your chance to do the same!

My brother Greg (well known in the recruitment industry) will join me for an intensive half-day Masterclass series around Australia and New Zealand in March 2016 specifically for recruitment Owners and Managers.

Why Coming Second Will Help Ensure You Win- Every Time

I have always believed to succeed in business, ‘being first’ would be a bloody good place to start. But I was wrong. The fact is, coming second, or even third, is critical to succeeding in business and often, in life. Here’s why.

Malcolm Gladwell spoke about it at the Cannes Creativity Festival in June 2011: how innovators often are not the ones who end up commercializing their innovations. Rather, someone else sees it, tweaks it, refines it, popularizes it, and makes a fortune out of it. Think “Steve Jobs , the mouse, icons and stealing Xerox’s great ideas…” Jobs stole the ideas and made them great. He made a fortune out of this.

I liked the concept, but did not really understand the point, until I read this great quote from an Australian rugby union legend, John Eales, who said:

Top 5 ways to get that all important first date

Cold calling a prospective new client is petrifying. It’s like phoning someone you hardly know and asking them out. Yet there are better ways to getting a ‘date’ with a prospect than resorting to that awful phone call. Here’s how to do it.

I still have nightmares about phoning girls and asked them out. Why? Because, if they said ‘no’ (which sadly was not infrequent), it was back to therapy for me!

We all fear rejection. And in business, it’s simply not easy to ask someone you don’t know to meet with you, when you both know you are (all bullshit aside) after but one thing- their money!

Yet to drive new revenues and indeed careers, being great at nailing that first critical meeting with prospects is a powerful asset.

Here are five of the best tips I know to get that first all important meeting with a prospect without always having to make that hand trembling phone call.

The most powerful weapon to growing your business

I posted this story when I first launched this blog. Many missed it, so apologies if you didn’t, as here it is again. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen. It’s all about one simple yet clever idea that will drive your business. It’s a beauty.

It started when Andrew Parker sent me a dozen mangoes and a bottle of French champagne.

With that gesture I learnt the secret to guaranteeing a steady flow of referrals and new revenue to any consulting services firm.

And it’s referrals- positive word of mouth about you from a credible business person to another business person- that fuels our success.
Andrew called it his MICRophone program. It is a brilliant idea, and it drives growth. This is how it works.