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The Secret Of High Performance

If you want inspiration on how to be part of a brilliant, winning, growing, thriving team and business, then read on. I have a secret to share that will deliver success. Here it is.

My new business is all about helping leaders accelerate growth. It means I get the privilege of ‘looking under the hoods’ of more communications businesses than you can poke a stick at. And every time I get asked the same question: “How do we create a high performance culture in our business?”

The answer is simple. Not glamorous. Not sexy ‘visions and values nicely framed on the tea room wall’ stuff. If you want to build and be a part of a business that is a high performing, winning, leading unit, it all starts with doing this one thing. There is no short-cut.

Don’t Fail At Failure In 2016

Failure sucks. If we set a goal, we’d much rather achieve it than not. But whatever you do, don’t fail at failure. Huh? Read on.

I read famous quotes about ‘failure being the key to success’ with some scepticism. I kind of understand. You have to ‘have a go,’ and often you’ll land on your bum. So, pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Go again. That’s how champions do it. Still sucks though.

Unless, that is, we get much better at one aspect of failure. The only place I see it done brilliantly is at the Olympics. It’s there that failure is embraced. And that’s what we should do.

My Heartfelt Advice To The Graduates On How To Triumph For Yourself

“You have to bring your ‘A game’ when it really counts, Chris,” cautioned my colleague before a critical meeting. He was off track. Adding value is NOT about nailing big moments. That helps. But THIS is what REALLY counts if you want to have a great career.

I have been preparing a speech to give to a group of ‘communications’ graduates soon, when I chanced upon an article about the greatness of All Black rugby captain Richie McCaw. One sentence summed up the most critical ingredient to his awesome success, and to career success- and will form the message of my talk to the graduates. Here it is:

The Burberry trench coat, an All Black and four powerful words you must not miss

I can’t get this out of my mind. Could this be one way to living a more fulfilling life, to realizing our potential, to catching ourselves before we take the wrong step? Four simple words capturing such an incredibly powerful message. Here they are.

It was not surprising he was wearing a beautiful Burberry trench coat, given he’s the chief of Burberry in Australia. I caught up with John Mutton on Friday night. It had been a while. He was overflowing with optimism, enthusiasm and energy.

We talked for three hours. Then he suddenly grabbed my arm, telling me excitedly he was reading Richie McCaw’s autobiography. Richie is a champion captain of the world’s best rugby team, the All Blacks. (If you don’t know the sport, think Pele and Brazil circa 1970, think Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls circa early 90s.) I was surprised. McCaw’s book held little interest to me.

Then John told me of advice McCaw’s father had given him as an adolescent. A chill went down my spine. So simple, yet powerful. I can’t get it out of my mind. This is what McCaw’s father told a young Richie: