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The One Shocking Thought I Want To Leave You With This Year

Another year draws to a close. Another year of learning, growth, hard work. As you head to end of year breaks though, remember this powerful message from me to you. Beware. It might shock.

Yes, yes. I know. My usual headline. “Shocked me…changed my life….secret to success….blah blah blah…..” I do struggle a bit to come up with new ways to capture attention and get you to click on, to read on, to make a comment, to share. But here’s the point. Close to 7,000 people receive Possums every week. And on average, around 3,500 of you actually read the bloody thing- every week. From all over the world.

So as you head to the break, one final thought from me.

This Advice From An Indian Slum Dweller Is A Big Reality Check – What Does It Say To You?

I am a loner: an introvert (well masked by an Oscar quality extrovert façade). I have few deep friendships (but those I have I value greatly), and don’t seek out the company of others. This has never bothered me, until today, when I read something about bamboo that shocked and frightened me. Will it scare you too? Read on.

I just read an unsettling book, “Behind The Beautiful Forevers”. It won the Pulitzer Prize. I did not realize until the Author’s Note at the end that it is a true story, deeply researched. Written by Katherine Boo, it tells of life for a few families in a Mumbai slum. It’s a confronting story, but what shocked me most was one quiet sentence.

It describes advice a mother gives her children to illustrate the power of aligned ‘communities’ sticking together and supporting each other. Here it is. Read it. Read it again. (Oh- and then, if you have the courage, answer the one question I leave you with, and let me know how easy or hard it was for you). Back to that advice from the slum dweller: