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How To Keep The Phone Ringing

I was reminded of the biggest driver of success when giving a speech while sick as a dog last week. It keeps my phone ringing. Do you do it?

I pulled this post yesterday just as Martine was pushing ’send’. I lost my nerve, fearing it sounded boastful. Forgive me please if it does. I don’t mean it to be. It’s just a reminder of what drives success. So here it is. Shared with love.

Now, my IQ is about average. (Apparently my EQ is much worse than that!). Here’s the point. I manage to continue to thrive in my little corner of my little industry because I commit to one habit. Muhammad Ali summed it up with this powerful statement:

How To Get Lashings Of Inspiration- Whenever You Want It

Something powerful happened to me strolling through the streets of Rome in June. Crumbling grandeur, faded pastels, blue skies, Vespas aplenty. I sucked it all in and then, kapow, it happened. Here it is. It’s the secret to getting inspired.

I felt energised. My creative juices flowed. My heart beat a little faster. I kind of felt anything was possible. That I was invincible and that my journey had only just begun. It was a rare and special feeling. And I wanted more. And that’s the point. The environment lifted my spirits, but all I did was keep walking those streets, sucking in more of that feeling.

It’s not hugely helpful. You see- I don’t live in Rome. My life is elsewhere. I need to find my inspiration elsewhere. But how? Where? The answer on how to get inspiration whenever you want it is right here. It’s like flicking on a switch. And hey presto, here it is. This is how you do it. But beware. You might not like it much.

The Secret To Having More Time In Your Life- And It Works!

A book winks at me daily from my bookcase. It’s titled “In Praise of Slowness- Challenging The Cult of Speed”. Problem is, I have been too flat out to read it. But I now have the answer to finding that time. It’s magical, and it works. Do you have it?

I have another book on my bookshelf. “The Power Of Less- The Fine Art Of Limiting Yourself To The Essential…. In Business And In Life.” I haven’t read that one either. No time. In fact, I have a hundred books on this bookshelf I have not read. Just too much else to do.

I pride myself on my relentless, persistent focus to get more of the important things done every day. Today is a case in point… a huge ‘urgent and important’ To Do list, plus I have a Possums blog post to write. How the hell am I going to get it all done? Then I remembered the words of my colleague Alan Higgins, who told me that- while he too is obsessed with “To Do’ lists, he’s even more obsessed with this secret to being highly effective and efficient. Here it what Alan does: