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Why I Told The Monk Not To (Rude Word) With Mickey

Monks are generally gentle and peace loving people. So why was my heart beating so fast and why was I paralyzed with fear when I looked the monk in the eyes and said: “OK- I will start very slowly – but beware- whatever you do, don’t (rude word) with Mickey.”?

The story begins a few years earlier when a Walt Disney CEO, who when advised by a consultant to refresh the Disney logo, very bluntly said: “Don’t (rude word) with Mickey.” The Mickey logo was sacrosanct – a proven winner and well-loved symbol of everything the company stood for – and was never to be tampered with.

And that was equally true with what the monk wanted to do to me that day, and I just wasn’t having any of it. This is what he wanted to do to me.

How To Make An Unforgettably Positive Impact On Others

I’ll never forget the moment the furniture tycoon rolled down the window of his car and told me something that literally changed my world. It also showed what powerful leaders are able to do, and why they are unforgettable when they do it. Want to know what he did? Read on.

We were in the midst of a major house renovation. And the big bills were coming in every three weeks. Costs were blowing out. I was losing courage and faith. Anyone who has been through this knows the feeling. It’s overwhelming.

Then it got worse. The architect pushed for us to do an additional phase of work. But the additional cost was simply a bridge too far. I just could not bring myself to go that extra step. Even though…dammit…it made sense!

We had to make a decision by the Monday. I was totally confused, petrified, paralyzed. And then my neighbor saved the day. Here’s how.

The Three Vital Ingredients To Happiness- At Work, and In Life

Woody Allen once said something like “80% of the secret to success is just turning up.” I ‘turned up’ once to a talk by someone billed as ‘the world wide expert on happiness.’ I left an hour later a changed man. And have had a much happier life ever since. Here are the three key tips I learnt that day.

His name is Dr Martin Seligman. He’s the Director of The Positive Psychology Center at The University of Pennsylvania. In essence he’s spent much of his career researching and helping people suffering from depression. Through this work he gained deep insight into ‘happiness’ and resilience, and has shaped theories around this which I wanted to hear more about.

So one cold winter night I went with my brother-in-law to his lecture in downtown Sydney. It was life changing. This is what he told us.

How to refresh your personal brand in 2012 – 4 easy steps

If you want to make the year ahead a GREAT YEAR for your career and growth, then read this post. You’ll learn in two minutes the four key steps needed to sharpen your personal brand at work. Do this, and 2012 will see your career thrive.

To maintain great personal brands with colleagues, we need to work constantly on these four vital ingredients to personal branding success.

Hugo Boss, Emirates, Audi, Moet et Chandon, Apple. When we hear these words, we immediately get a feeling about the product: a perception, made up by many considerations. That’s branding.

We’re all ‘brands’, whether we like it or not. When your name is mentioned in business, those there get that instant feeling about you- their perception of you as a professional brand. Personal brands are not stagnant- when you start a new role or get promoted, you have to start again with your brand- and build it afresh. Here’s how to do it.

A knight to remember- this changed my life

I just learnt something so powerful it has profoundly changed me. It’s an insight I wish I had known 35 years ago. It would have changed my life’s path, and is changing it now. Here’s what a very wise man told me….

His name is Ken Robinson. Sir Ken to be precise. He’s an educator. A thinker. An inspiring speaker. It was David Ogilvy’s 100th birthday. And the auditorium was packed with 2,000 communications industry executives from around the world, eager to hear Sir Ken’s 40 minutes on ‘how to become more creative.’

In the midst of his speech, Sir Ken shared the insight that has changed my life. It’s so simple, so obvious. Yet- I’d never realised it before. Now that I do, it dominates my thinking about what I do, how I can be happier and how I can contribute more.