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A Powerful Career Tip That Will Grow On You

I’ve just made a major career blunder. Luckily, I caught myself just in time. Please- don’t make the same mistake! Here it is.

You can take the learning from this without going through the lesson yourself. I quit my big corporate job 18 months ago. I had a clear plan on what I wanted to build next. I hit the pavements with a bang! I was everywhere. The work literally poured in. Yet I was failing. I really was. I was neglecting to do this powerful recipe for success, and that is to… :

The Real Reason I Quit My C-Suite Job

Big power, privilege, influence and rewards. Just four of the benefits of my role. So why did I quit four weeks ago, and walk away into a career ‘wilderness?’ What was the REAL reason I resigned? Okay- here’s the truth, and stuff the consequences.

I lived in Adelaide in my early 20s, in a house next to a very senior, 80 year old Anglican Church minister. He was about to have a major operation, and was nervous about it. I was chatting to him over the fence: “Oh well, if it goes wrong I guess you’ll find out whether what you’ve been banging on for about for 60 years is actually true!” To his credit, he saw the humour in it, and laughed.

That’s why I quit my job. I needed to ‘walk the talk.’ It was time to take my own medicine. Quite simply, I had to have the courage to take this one critical step. And I did.

A Lesson From The GFC- Remind Yourselves, And Brace For Tough Times

Look around- what do you see? Yes indeed- it’s the GFC, by stealth. No headlines this time, screaming ‘GFC!!!” Just every business leader I meet telling me, “We have never seen it tougher than this.” If you and your business are to survive icy winds ahead, remember this golden rule of survival in tough times. Ignore it at your peril.

Ever see the movie, “Zulu”? The hordes are swarming over the barricades, a straggling group of red coated English soldiers desperately firing at them, just keep them at bay. Bullets are running short. Soldiers rush back to the ammunition hut. “More ammo!!!” they scream. “Fill in the form first,” says the munitions Captain.
Madness. If ever there was a time to change the agreed process, that was it!

In the words of Robbie Deans, when he took over as coach of the Australian Wallabies rugby team, his philosophy was built around one thing alone:

A Very Wise Man Told Me This- It’s A Truth About Business And Life

David Gonski is a fixture in the Top 10 Most Influential People in Australia annual rankings. He’s on multiple boards, is much sought after as an advisor and is generally considered a very wise man. So when he laughed out loud at something I’d said, and then gave me a one sentence piece of advice, I listened. It’s a gem. This is what he said.

Let me be clear. I don’t know David Gonski. But I did manage to get a meeting with him once, where we sought his support in referring clients to our fledgling business (and to his credit and our deep gratitude, he did do exactly that. That major client is now a dear friend and a Possums reader from his bastide in Provence).

A corporate shareholder in my business at that time had the year prior purchased a competitor of ours, and I was still upset about it, believing that this broke an agreement I had had with the then CEO. I told Gonski about this. He laughed, and then gave the advice that stings still today. He said: