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The Real Reason I Quit My C-Suite Job

Big power, privilege, influence and rewards. Just four of the benefits of my role. So why did I quit four weeks ago, and walk away into a career ‘wilderness?’ What was the REAL reason I resigned? Okay- here’s the truth, and stuff the consequences.

I lived in Adelaide in my early 20s, in a house next to a very senior, 80 year old Anglican Church minister. He was about to have a major operation, and was nervous about it. I was chatting to him over the fence: “Oh well, if it goes wrong I guess you’ll find out whether what you’ve been banging on for about for 60 years is actually true!” To his credit, he saw the humour in it, and laughed.

That’s why I quit my job. I needed to ‘walk the talk.’ It was time to take my own medicine. Quite simply, I had to have the courage to take this one critical step. And I did.

If You Want A Great Next Role Get Ill First

“It took me 130 coffees to land the ideal next role for me,” said my breakfast companion on Friday. 130 coffees, hey. Now that would make you pretty ill. And that’s the point of this story. You need to get ill if you want to secure the very best role you can. Here’s why.

I am a huge fan of making the grass greener on this side of the fence; to try to fix your current role so it is inspiring and great. But sometimes the reality is that we need to move on- and finding that outstanding, insanely perfect next role can be a daunting challenge.

As your career evolves and you get more senior, it becomes tougher for the perfect opportunity to ‘land’. And that’s where the ‘Get Ill First’ strategy comes into play. This is what it is and how it works.

How To Ensure You Have A Vibrant Future – One Simple Approach

I have been working on what I might want to do next in my career when it’s time to take that step. I thought I had an excellent plan developed, until I heard something this week that showed how wrong I was. It’s a vitally important lesson for careers and businesses. Here it is.

I was having breakfast with CEO Mike in Newcastle recently. We went through my scores against my five ‘Job Satisfaction’ criteria – which self-rates whether the role you are in is the right role for you. Check it out.

My scores that Newcastle morning were low. I was feeling flat about my role. It happens! CEO Mike and I then discussed a plan on how I could raise my ‘satisfaction’ scores against the five criteria. I am working on those actions now, and my scores are rising! The chat made me think hard, though, about what I would do next (hopefully within STW) when this role runs its course, which inevitably it will. I thought about my skills, and crafted an action plan to leverage them.