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The Trust Test: Do You Pass, or Fail?

Trust is at the very core of reputation: for businesses, and for you and I. How’s your Trust score right now? Try my simple test to find out.

I’ve been thinking of Harvey Weinstein. And of reputation. And of our careers. Reputation is made up by two things. Each as important as the other. You can’t be good at one, and poor at another. Both have to be thriving. Here are those two pillars:

How To Find Out If You Are A Tricky Character

’ve been a thief, have claimed credit for things I have not done, lie, harbour resentments, and am easy prey to addictions (smoking the worst). I tell you this because I want you to be brutally honest with yourself about who you really are. Are you brave enough to do it?

If you want to make a Greek misty eyed, just say: ‘Philotomo.’ It’s a powerfully evocative yet subtle word, symbolising courage, generosity, duty, honour, empathy, humility. It derives from filos, friend, and timi, honour. It’s about giving to others without wanting anything back for yourself, except perhaps love and appreciation.

I’m not Greek. Sometimes I wish I was. Philotomo is a way of behaving which I have struggled all my life to evolve and build in to my nature. We call it ‘character.’ It’s the essence of who we are. Here’s how you can constantly ‘check in’ with what your true character is, at this very moment in your life:

You know what your real character is by what you do when no-one is watching.