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To Quit Or Not To Quit?- Here’s The Answer

The insight I share this week is about failure, and is a bit controversial. Some will love it; others, like me when I first saw it, might reject it out of hand. But with time, it grows on you. I now like it a lot. What about you?

Business is changing so fast that we don’t have time to stick with mistakes. We have to keep facing reality, trying new things, making sure we are putting our focus and energies behind what is delivering the returns…for our employers, clients, careers. It’s not an easy path to follow. It requires real discipline.

And it is with that in mind that I loved (on reflection) the quote from the crusty old Brigadier in Evelyn Waugh’s “The Sword of Honour Trilogy”, who said to his leaders this about the first rule of attack. It is a startling insight for each of us, every day. Here is it:

The Very First and Most Critical Ingredient To Success

It’s more than 35 years since my dear friend Shandy departed this world, aged 9. I am reflecting today how Shandy would have been a triumph at business, because he knew the essence of the first and most critical ingredient to success. Do you know what it is? Shandy did. And he was a dog. Read on.

I was grumpy last week.

After almost three weeks of traveling, I was back in Sydney, desperate to spend time in the office. Instead, I had to depart home early for a 1.5 hour freeway peak hour crawl west to visit for the first time the warehousing facility of a hugely successful logistics business we’d invested in (a critical step in delivering outstanding merchandising solutions capabilities to clients). We eventually arrived. I walked gloomily into reception when, suddenly, my spirits lifted. I began to feel excited about the five hours ahead. Because greeting me by name, beaming, was the most welcoming person I’d ever met. She knew my name, made me laugh, offered coffee, sat me down, explained the plot, and generally made me feel totally at home, and wanted.

Joy (that’s her name), you see, has become expert at the very first and most critical ingredient to success. So much so that she wears this capability as a badge of honor. Joy has become expert in this one key skill:

5 Golden Rules For A Longer And More Vibrant Career

I’m 52, and usually the oldest guy in the room whenever I meet with colleagues at or our industry more broadly. How has this happened? How have I survived and prospered in a so-called ‘young person’s industry’? Here’s the answer, in 5 simple Golden Rules. They worked for me. Will they for you?

First, not a rule. Just a reality. To survive in business and ensure your career keeps evolving and remaining relevant, you have to work on yourself as a project. You have to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Seriously. Get very serious about yourself and working on improving and developing yourself.

A Secret About A World Business Leader And Client Service Excellence

I just heard an amazing story about one of the world’s most powerful business leaders and how he still understands one of the greatest traits of client service ninjas. It gave me a shiver. I’ll never forget it. Give it a read. It will stay with you forever.

I don’t believe clients every see us as ‘partners’. They see us as suppliers. Why? Because I know that if I stuff up twice in a row, maybe three times, I will be fired by my client. Partnerships are more resilient than that.

The trick is to become your client’s most valuable, indispensable supplier. You have to become a trusted advisor. And one critical trait of a trusted advisor is often overlooked. Here it is, and a great story of a business tycoon who still gets it right today. It’s a story only a few people know about. Now you do too – if you read on.

The Best In Business Thrive At This One Trait, and So Do Their Careers!

It can take intrepid game watchers years of effort to see ‘The Big Five’ in the African bush. Yet I saw all five in the first three hours I went looking in July. Buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant, leopard. How could this be? The answer encapsulates what you need to have in your armory to survive in your careers today. Seriously. Read on.

Our nine seater open air truck was driven by Ranger Piet, with Tracker Nelson sitting up front. We left the lodge a couple of hours after having arrived in the bush from Johannesburg. Excitement levels were high. Yet we never expected to see all Big Five within three hours of starting out, given the game reserve was the size of Whales.

But it happened. And it happened because Ranger Piet did one thing that epitomizes the most critical skill needed today to survive and thrive in business. It’s all about delivering outstanding results to your customers. Piet knew this. So he adopted one habit: a habit vital for today’s business world. Quite simply, Piet is a master at: