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The Most Dangerous Cliché in Business And In Life

It’s ‘the slogan of the complacent, the arrogant or the scared’. It is without doubt the most dangerous cliché in business. I fall victim to its seductive smile more often than I’ll admit. Are you a victim too? If so, get ready for failure. Read on.

Tim came to see me looking for opportunity. “The most ridiculous belief in business is to think that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ It’s absolute crap.” That made me sit up. I had not thought of that. I liked what he said. It made me think about other expressions and sayings that we use glibly that in fact are absolutely wrong.

Moments ago, looking through my Possums ‘ideas’ file here at my kitchen table (flying to Brisbane at 7am and can’t sleep) I have stumbled upon what iconic football coach Ange Postecoglou told our leadership meeting 15 months ago. He’d coached the Brisbane Roar to a world record run of games undefeated. Yet he told us this startling truth, and ‘outed’ the most dangerously wrong cliché of all time:

Why putting yourself out of business is smart

The most dangerous threat to the success of our businesses and careers is a great last result. It breeds complacency. FATAL! We have to relentlessly work to improve: or we will be overtaken and will soon fade into history. Here’s why, and how to do it.

Never rest on your laurels. John Chambers, a great Cisco CEO, famously said: “Stay paranoid.” David Ogilvy talked about “Divine discontent.”

Remember this- we are only as good as our next result.

To grow successful, thriving and sustainable careers and businesses, we have to remain ‘divinely discontent’ and ‘paranoid’ about our capabilities, our edge, and our competitors. Here’s two great ways to do it.