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This Will Give You Your Just Desserts – Promise!

Having a personal ‘purpose’ is all the rage. Most seem to be about doing good for others. Mine too. Enough already!! We’re deluding ourseves. Rather, get totally self-focussed. Here’s why.

I’m in Cape Town, visiting my dear friend Tiramisu Graham. He’s a unique character. He loves doing things for others. Always has done. Last time I was here my then 10 year old mate was panting for the tiramisu dessert on the lunch menu. When it was time to order, it was sold out! He was devastated. I heard Graham that afternoon phoning restaurants, but paid little attention. At dinner, as menus were handed out, he whispered to my mate: “Oh, and they have tiramisu. I reserved a giant serving for you.” My mate beamed. Graham beamed. “It’s a pleasure,” he said to my mate’s excited thanks. And that’s the point.

The Secret To Fast-Tracking Success

You need to be cheeky to do this, and brave. Do it well, and you’ll accelerate towards success. Some won’t like this approach. So be it. It works, and I love it.

I am in Cape Cod tonight, having just finished dinner with Artist Steve. Three years ago he was a failed marketing guy. Unemployed. He spent his time painting seascapes. Someone saw his work, and bought a painting. Steve had an idea. He rented a gallery in the main street. Put up a sign: “Artist Steve- Cape Cod’s Newest Art Sensation” (or something like that). He sent paintings to a friend who had bookshops in Berlin and Amsterdam. “Now exhibiting across Europe” the banner triumphed across the gallery window. Steve sold $600,000 in paintings last year. Sure- he has talent, and now has ‘fame’ momentum. Most importantly, he did what many successful people have done. He had the nerve to….:

How To Keep Strong When The Pressure Is On

I gave a presentation yesterday to a room of colleagues. I got to a slide I’d presented a thousand times, and yet its message struck me hard- as if I was hearing it for the first time. It was a message of hope, and of resilience. Here it is.

Our lives and roles can’t always be a bowl of cherries- sometimes the pressure builds, tensions rise, relationships get tested, issues complicate. Constant pressure depletes energy – it pulls you down, clouds judgement. You can feel trapped in the relentlessness of it all. The fun goes. It becomes a grind. We can become, quite simply, unhappy- right there deep inside. Know what I mean?

And it was on slide 17 of my presentation on how to be more effective and efficient every day that I was reminded of this great piece of advice. Here it is, and how I have used it to lift my spirits. Maybe it can help you do the same when you are feeling the pinch. Here’s that message from slide 17:

Steve Lyons

How To Inspire Peak Performance- At Any Age: A Lesson From Steve Lyons

I am thinking of Steve Lyons today. It’s 12 years ago this week that Peter and I held his hands as he passed away in Kuala Lumpur from cancer. I am recalling the most powerful and inspiring habit Steve had. It defined him. And stays with me today. Do you do this? If not- start now!
You don’t remember what someone said, or what they did, but you always remember the way they made you feel. And Steve Lyons was an absolutely master at making you feel incredible. Steve made you feel everything and anything was possible- was within your grasp. He lifted your spirits, ambition, drive. He made your heart beat faster. Scott- you know it. Alan- so do you. Eileen- I know you are with me. All who were touched by Steve know exactly what I mean.
And sitting here at Auckland Airport I have absolute clarity about what it was that Steve would do that was so inspiring. So simple. So powerful. Here it is. Steve, quite simply:

Steve Lyons
Rob Ford - Toronto Mayor

The First Rule Of Crisis Management- Use It Every Day To Succeed!

18 months ago a tumor was found on my vocal chords. I walked from the specialist’s surgery straight to my office and for the next four hours devoted myself to the first rule of crisis management. It’s a rule that helped me then, and helps me every day- in business and in life. Do you do it?

Imagine you were advising the Mayor of Toronto. An allegation of substance abuse is made. All hell breaks loose. What do you do next?

Remember what actually happened next? First, the video of him taking crack cocaine appeared- with an online auction grabbing headlines as to who would buy the tape. Evidence of public drunkenness emerged. Then prostitutes. Drink driving. More illegal drugs. I mean- oi fricken vey!

So if you were advising this lad, again, the first rule of crisis management is an absolute MUST. Here is it.

Rob Ford - Toronto Mayor

Something Incredibly Powerful To Help You Triumph In Tough Times

Wow! The year has started with a breathtaking avalanche of change, challenge, opportunity. It’s intense. To cope with this tsunami of uncharted waters, we need one thing constantly by our side. Without it, we simply won’t make it. Here it is.

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is passionate about the power of confidence.

“Confidence,” he says. ‘is not something you can’t get by swallowing every now and then a can of ‘confidence’ spinach. It has to be continually with you.” He believes confidence comes from experience. That’s true. And confidence also comes from something every one of us has within our grasp. You have it. I have it. I do it. Always. Do you? I hope so. Here it is.