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The Most Important Human Need Of All – Just Ask Those On Death Row

I learnt a vital lesson through adversity these past few weeks. It reminded me of something most of us need if we are to be at our best – at work, with relationships, in life. It’s so simple. And so devastating when not there. Here it is.

In Japan, inmates on death row were (maybe still are?) burdened with what ‘survivors’ reported as a fate worse than death. You see, in that system, you were told you were to die, but not when. In some cases, death row inmates sat out 20 years awaiting their fate. Whenever they heard footsteps approaching their cell, that could be the moment they would die. The footsteps passed your door- you lived another hour, another day. Imagine living that way- for 20 years!

And that’s the point of my story. I was reminded this week of the devastating power one simple state of being, and word, can have on our lives and ability to perform at our best. Here it is. Is it true for you too?

Do You Have The Courage To Answer This One Question- And Share It?

This is a very short and sharp Possums post. It’s designed to get you thinking. And (I hope) to share your response. I am sharing mine. Tell me yours. But beware- this might scare you. Do you have the courage to tell the truth? I wonder……

All my life I have been handcuffed by insecurity and self-doubt. I have tried to compensate by being ‘extroverted’ and, to many, I appear confident and strong. But it’s a façade. Just under the surface is a frightened person- of failure, the unknown, risk, ridicule. Seriously. Fear has underpinned most of what I have done, and haven’t done, in my life.

I am a little better at it now. But still got a shock when confronted with this one, very simple question. Incredibly hard to answer, truthfully. But I am giving it a go. Here’s the question.

How To Make An Unforgettably Positive Impact On Others

I’ll never forget the moment the furniture tycoon rolled down the window of his car and told me something that literally changed my world. It also showed what powerful leaders are able to do, and why they are unforgettable when they do it. Want to know what he did? Read on.

We were in the midst of a major house renovation. And the big bills were coming in every three weeks. Costs were blowing out. I was losing courage and faith. Anyone who has been through this knows the feeling. It’s overwhelming.

Then it got worse. The architect pushed for us to do an additional phase of work. But the additional cost was simply a bridge too far. I just could not bring myself to go that extra step. Even though…dammit…it made sense!

We had to make a decision by the Monday. I was totally confused, petrified, paralyzed. And then my neighbor saved the day. Here’s how.