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My Weekend From Hell – A Screw Up and a Lesson For All

I have spent an awful weekend – in total dismay at how I could have let myself and others down so badly. I can’t believe I have made the same mistake again. It is unforgiveable. Really. I have failed. Here’s my sad story. It’s a major lesson for business and life.

I am always ready to tell all, through my Possums posts and in business, how brilliant and wise I am and how I have learnt so many great lessons in my 30 years in business. You know it- you read this stuff!

So I need to fess up when I screw up. And today I have my head bowed and tail firmly between my legs. I failed to learn from the past. I forgot the lessons of previous stuff ups. We have to learn from our mistakes, and ensure we don’t make them again. Yet I did exactly that- and I am ashamed by it. Here’s the massive mistake I made. In fact- there are two of them. Here they are:

The First And Most Critical Characteristic of Leadership – Do You Have It?

They say cream rises to the top. Must also be true of sour cream, because inevitably I have ended up a key leader in whatever I have done- throughout my life. Bizarre. How could that be? Why me? Last week I found out why. It shocked me by its simplicity, and deep truth. Here it is.

I’ll never forget being appointed ‘Leader’ of the ‘Life of An Ant’ project team, aged 8, at Camps Bay Primary School in 1967. I can still hear the sound of my feet hitting the floorboards as I walked, 10 feet tall, across the room to the corner where my team was to group. And it’s been that way ever since. Throughout my life, whether at school, sports teams, and for the past 30 years in business, I have been asked or just kind of ended up as either the leader, or a key leader. Why?

Why do leaders end up leading? I don’t believe people are ‘born leaders.’ So what is it they do that sees them end up leading? Well- I found out the other day when I read a quote on a bus ticket, which said this: