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Setbacks Are The Best Motivators Of All!

Are you able to get up when you’ve been knocked down? It’s a key to progress. Here’s a powerful ‘helping hand’ to get you off the floor. It’s lifting me daily. Give it a go!

The undefeated martial arts world champion had the 200 advertising and media agency CEOs spellbound as she told her story of resilience. Her world changed instantly while at the height of her sporting prowess. The diagnosis: cancer. Then a letter arrived, from her ‘sensei’ (teacher) – her most valued mentor and coach. In it, just one sentence.

The One Habit To Make 2015 A Happier, More Successful Year For You

This is the most important post I’ve ever written. Perhaps it shames me. Do you recognise big truths in it for you? It’s about the cause of much of my pain, and is my greatest enemy. If it can be controlled, then happiness and success are guaranteed. Here it is.

When I talk about my greatest enemy, I’m talking about my thoughts. They play havoc with my mind. And my mind, once a prisoner to these thoughts, does all it can to strengthen my insecurities and doubts. My mind then feeds on putting me down. Arianna Huffington calls it: “The obnoxious room-mate living in our head.” So- if you have that room-mate too, then here’s the one action you can take in 2015 to guarantee a happier, more successful year:

The Secret To A Happier and More Successful Life- And It Is Very Simple

I don’t have many regrets. Not having travelled as a young man. Not going to a co-educational school. I regret not visiting my old Uncle Ernie in Sussex when I instead flew home to chase a Burlesque dancer. But most of all, I regret not having heard this advice 20 years ago. Here it is.

In my early adult days, success to me was all about girls, making money, sports cars, getting ‘power’, accumulating stuff. I struggled to ever be happy, always wanting more- the next big thing- striving for something just beyond my reach. In recent years, my friend Richard Sauerman’s writings about success have moved me. I have started to view success in a very different way.

And I was fortunate to receive a powerful new guiding message when listening to the keynote speaker at a conference I was speaking at a few months ago. Here is what that major business icon said:

The Magic Ingredient To Why Some Entrepreneurs Succeed, And Others Don’t

I have been in Asia meeting with a raft of independent digital, creative, PR, research, design and activation agencies- businesses built by hardcore entrepreneurs. Every one of these conversations proved to me that it is one simple ingredient that ensures success or failure. We need to learn this lesson if we are to survive in our careers. Here it is.

Actually, I knew the secret before I went traveling with CEO Mike to identify partners right for our Asian growth plans. An outstanding entrepreneur and business leader, David Tudehope, had shared it with me over a hurried lunch in Sydney a week prior. David founded Macquarie Telecom, and with his brother Aidan has built it into a major and resilient force in the Australian telecommunications market.

“David,” I asked. “What has been the secret to your success.” His answer will stay with me always, and has been front of mind as we’ve assessed potential partners in Asia.