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Do You Have The Courage To Answer This One Question- And Share It?

This is a very short and sharp Possums post. It’s designed to get you thinking. And (I hope) to share your response. I am sharing mine. Tell me yours. But beware- this might scare you. Do you have the courage to tell the truth? I wonder……

All my life I have been handcuffed by insecurity and self-doubt. I have tried to compensate by being ‘extroverted’ and, to many, I appear confident and strong. But it’s a façade. Just under the surface is a frightened person- of failure, the unknown, risk, ridicule. Seriously. Fear has underpinned most of what I have done, and haven’t done, in my life.

I am a little better at it now. But still got a shock when confronted with this one, very simple question. Incredibly hard to answer, truthfully. But I am giving it a go. Here’s the question.

Lady Gaga Just Taught Me Something I Never Dreamt Of

I am writing this en route to Africa to give a speech of Possums highlights to a major business conference. The Inflight entertainment has a profile on Lady Gaga. Impressive woman! Gaga said one thing so critically important that I need to share it with you NOW. It has really depressed me. How does it make you feel?

Perez Hilton is a bit of an odd cove. But he sure as heck gets access to the stars. His profile with Lady Gaga was revealing. Gaga is clearly a genuine super star talent. And smart. And in many ways, a very positive role model. One thing she said got me thinking- and made me really sad.

In fact, Gaga’s insight built perfectly on a digital campaign I saw recently done for Johnnie Walker whiskey in China, based around this very frightening concept.