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What Steve Jobs, Picasso and Sir Stamford Raffles Had In Common- And I Stole It!

Jogging by the river in Singapore last week, I stumbled upon the statue of the ‘founder’ of Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles, being freshly painted. It reminded me of something I stole from him once- and something I want you to steal from me. Seriously. Here it is. Take it.

Some dispute that Sir (Thomas) Stamford Raffles actually founded Singapore, but it’s a moot point. He had a vision for what this small fishing port could become, set the path, and went on to achieve much in his short life. He died aged 46.

But here’s the thing- most of Raffles’ ideas were not his own. Neither, according to the recent biography “Raffles and The Golden Opportunity”, were his ‘discoveries and his enthusiasms.’ You see- Raffles had a crystal ball apparently, and could see what built the success of both Pablo Picasso and Steve Jobs. Quite simply, Raffles built his success on one critical habit.

Why You Should Scream Just Before Every Unpleasant Meeting

Know this feeling? A meeting is approaching that you really don’t want to do. Every ounce of you is resisting it. Here’s the secret to never feeling this way again. It’s simple. Just scream out: “AEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” Seriously. Here’s why

Roger is a former senior leader in the media industry. He was exploring career moves after taking a long sabbatical, during which he had done some deep soul searching. The CEO had met him, and suggested I do too. “I read your blog,” he said.” I planned to quickly browse through it as preparation for our chat. I read it for five hours. We’re kindred spirits.” I liked him immediately!

As we talked, he told me of a technique to approach meetings or events that you are seriously not looking forward to. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Every time you have an appointment or engagement coming up that you feel kind of flat about, which is causing angst in your gut and a ‘bloody hell’ reaction when your mind thinks about it, then follow his “AEE” strategy. Here it is:

Top 5 ways to get that all important first date

Cold calling a prospective new client is petrifying. It’s like phoning someone you hardly know and asking them out. Yet there are better ways to getting a ‘date’ with a prospect than resorting to that awful phone call. Here’s how to do it.

I still have nightmares about phoning girls and asked them out. Why? Because, if they said ‘no’ (which sadly was not infrequent), it was back to therapy for me!

We all fear rejection. And in business, it’s simply not easy to ask someone you don’t know to meet with you, when you both know you are (all bullshit aside) after but one thing- their money!

Yet to drive new revenues and indeed careers, being great at nailing that first critical meeting with prospects is a powerful asset.

Here are five of the best tips I know to get that first all important meeting with a prospect without always having to make that hand trembling phone call.