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Why I Told My Work Colleague I Loved Him- And I Meant It

I was taken by surprise this week. Shaking the hand of a colleague at a meeting’s end, I looked him in the eyes and said: “Arthur- I love you.” I meant it. And, he did not immediately phone the HR department ‘hotline’ for urgent counsel. Here’s why. And why it made me feel so energised.

I am struggling to do up my business shirts these days. No excuses. Just binge eating under pressure. But I’ve turned the corner (fingers crossed), and have started exercising again. While ambling around a park last week, I was listening to, aptly, Meat Loaf. One of his most famous lyrics jolted me…. when Mr Loaf suggests ‘… two out of three ain’t bad.’ And the jolt was the realisation that, quite simply, it’s not true.

Here’s why. I had an intriguing meeting the next morning- with a ‘dynamo’ younger colleague I mentor (he mentors me too), who was seriously thinking about taking a client-side senior role. I was not sure how to handle the meeting- what to say- and it was Mr Loaf who gave me the answer. He reminded me of this deep truth:

How To Achieve Your Goals – But Don’t Tell Anyone This Secret

I have let myself down badly- again. I look in the mirror and shake my head in dismay. How could you do this Chris? And then I read the answer… in the autobiography of a British Hollywood actor of old. It’s a wake up call, for me, and for you – perhaps. Here it is.

David Niven is long dead. His autobiography, “The Moon Is A Balloon,” was a gem to read en route to Los Angeles and with Hollywood to be explored. He tells about time spent with Winston Churchill during the gloomy early days of the Second World War. Churchill kept reassuring Niven about “…when the Americans join us…” Suddenly, Pearl Harbor happened, and the Americans joined the Allies in the war effort. “How did you know this would happen?” an incredulous Niven asked the great man. “Because, my boy, I am a great student of history.” Point is, Churchill knew reluctant bystanders usually get drawn in to the conflict. History predicted it.

And in that statement I suddenly realized why I keep failing, time and again, on some simple personal goals. Here’s why.

How To Change Your Life’s Path – For The Better

My headlines are cheesy, and often ‘false advertising’- promising huge insight and then the post disappoints with bus ticket clichéd platitudes. Or so I am told. They do come from the heart though. And this story literally makes my heart pump. It is happening now and is seriously changing my life. It can do yours too. Here’s how.

I wrote recently of a tumor being removed from my vocal chords. I feared the worst until I got the ‘all clear’ a few days later. The following few weeks were extremely difficult. I was in shock. Not relieved, but deeply depressed. Preparing for my demise kind of took the joy out of knowing I was to live on.

I needed to make a start in getting my act together: to driving change in my health, energy, overall path. I needed to lose weight, eat better, stop my beloved cigars, reduce the alcohol. No wonder I was depressed. How to make a start? Then I remembered one of my platitudes from a few months prior. I re-read the Possums post. It inspired me. I grabbed hold of its message. It works. And this is what it said.