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The Six Biggest Take-Outs from Cannes Lions 2014 & What We Need To Do About It

This is a one-off Possums post- different to the norm. Delete if not relevant to you. But if you are in business, and want to know the major, critical trends happening globally in marketing and communications, then do read this. It has some powerful insights

The annual Cannes Festival of Creativity means many different things to many different delegates.
Some party hard. Others connect. Lots go for the Awards. For me, it’s all about the content.

Out of all the content presented at this year’s conference held in June, there are six big take-outs for me that are front-of-mind. Not earth shattering. But for me, will help shape many conversations and focus for the months ahead. Here they are.

A Simple Lesson From Calvin Klein To Help You Achieve Great Things

The image of a bronzed Adonis-like man, clad only in white briefs, got me very excited last week. My heart pumped faster. I was inspired. Energised. And I bet you feel the same way when you read why this happened to me. Here is that story.

The darkened seminar room at the Cannes Creativity Conference was a sanctuary, away from the glare of a brutal six months of relentless pressure, tough issues and a unforgiving workload. I was feeling depleted, and two days of presentations from global thought leaders on their insights on ‘what’s now and what’s next’ had failed to lift my spirits. Until the global Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein took the stage at an ‘off Broadway’ session, to explain how the company had built a global brand. What a story.

She then outlined the business’s four core operating guidelines- and it was Value Number 2 that grabbed my attention. I just loved it. It was the inspiration I needed to lift my head and say: “YES! Let’s get cracking.” Here is what that key Calvin Klein guideline says:

The Very Best Job Perk of All- Do You Have It?

I was reading a book written by Facebook for its staff when I saw something that genuinely excited and inspired me. It endorses everything I believe about leading high performance teams. It’s a habit Facebook embraces: it underpins excellence. It’s an approach that will make your team a winner. Here it is.

Facebook and the great Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson have one thing very much in common.

Sir Alex would focus less on training technical skills, and more about inspiring players to strive to do better, and to never give up. He recruited what he calls ‘bad losers’, and demanded that they work extremely hard. Over the years, this attitude became contagious- players didn’t accept teammates not giving it their all. The biggest stars were no exception. Facebook’s mantra is similar, and hugely inspiring. Here it is:

The One Thing Facebook Gave Me Which Made A Real, Positive Difference

I am not really a Facebook user. I have a Possums Facebook page, and appreciate its role, but have yet to be convinced I need it more pervasively in my life. That was until I learnt this one fact about Facebook. It has changed me, and I use it every day. It is absolutely brilliant. Here it is, and here’s why.

I am a very private person (Possums is the exception and is about sharing, learning, and keeping ‘current’). I don’t enjoy others knowing about what I or my family are doing. I love my friends and extended family- but don’t have any need to regularly know too much about their daily lives either. If they need help- I am there. If we’re together, I am keenly present and enthused. But apart from that, I don’t need the regular communication or connection (apart from with my Mum of course).

So I have never really ‘got’ Facebook – for me. I ‘get’ why others embrace it, and respect that, but it leaves me cold. That was, until I learnt this one fact about Facebook. Now I use it every day.