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Don’t Get Emotional When You Read This- If You Can

I received an email from a colleague last week. It was brutal. Blistering. Vitriolic even. Anger oozed out of it. Accusations abounded. My heart sank. Because I knew what would happen next. I knew the outcome. And it saddened me. Do you? Here it is.

I once worked with a very wise man, Paul Cocks. In fact, we’re still colleagues- just one step removed. I owe him much, and love him dearly. He was an important mentor to me a decade ago. His insight into people is what I remember most. And he quickly sized me up as a hot head- someone who would fire up quickly, get emotional, and attack.

His advice, which he gave me many times when he saw steam coming from my ears, was this:

Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence- In Business and In Life

What is the most valuable thing the most influential people in your life have given you? What is it that has made all the difference? Here’s the answer. It is the secret to building genuine and deep influence. Do you do it?

Critical to business success is building our ‘footprint of influence,’ that hard-to-describe ability to be perceived as someone who is able to help and assist- someone with substance and genuine credential- someone people reach out to for counsel- someone who is wanted and needed.

Before I share the Top 10 Tips To Building Powerful Influence, here’s the one thing the most influential people I know always do. It’s this that is more important in building influence than the other nine tips added together. Quite simply, this is the most powerful thing heavy duty influential people give you- every time:

Help Me Save A Life Next Week- And No Money Asked For- Promise!

I wrote a post once about knowing when to ‘turn up.’ Read it again or read it for the first time. Please. And then join me please in turning up next week, on Thursday 12 September. Together we can save a life, or several. No joke. Here’s how.

I want to spread the word about an incredibly important day, Thursday 12 September. If you get any value out of Possums, then the one thing I ask of you in return is this: retweet this post NOW, ‘Like’ it, pass it on in LinkedIn, do whatever you can to spread the word.

It’s a day that was inspired by a colleague, Gavin Larkin, who sadly passed away about two years ago after a long illness. This day is one of his many legacies of an action packed life well led. Gavin made a massive contribution, and we miss him.

It’s a day he designed and is built around saving lives by asking one very simple question. Here it is

A Short, Sharp Story That Will Give You Strength- Guaranteed

I was at the junior rugby club annual ball chatting to a mother of one of the boys. We were talking about young girls and first dates. And she told me something about what happened to her during her ‘dating’ years that really struck and surprised me. It’s a powerful message for our lives and business success. At the very least, it will make you pause and reflect.

Liverpool Football Club toured Asia and Australia last month and the YouTube video of the packed grounds in Jakarta and Melbourne roaring out the Liverpool song is just amazing…. That chorus…”YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!” And it reminded me of what Sophie told me at the rugby dinner. It all links.

“Every time a boy would ask me out my father would insist they pick me up from home and that they meet the family,” Sophie told me. “But why did he insist that?” I asked. And her answer- so simple- is the key to giving yourself strength, whenever you need it. Her father’s view about the would-be beaus was this:

The World’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac – And The Top Three Tips On Where To Get It

“Power is the great aphrodisiac,” Henry Kissinger famously said. But not for me. My constant search over 25 years for more responsibility, control and power never led to any success in that department, sadly. What the journey did give me was a brutal lesson about the price involved with ambition. It’s a price to pay with great caution. Here’s why.

I wrote about this last week in a major industry on-line magazine. About 50 people emailed me, agreeing, disagreeing. I share it with Possum readers now. Here’s the story. A young man came to see me a few weeks ago. “Please help,” he asked. “I am 24. I want to be a CEO in my industry by age 35. How do I do it?” My heart sank. I saw myself sitting there, 30 years earlier. Same ambition. Same desire. I knew so well why he wanted it. But also knew the price he would have to pay to get there.

I concluded the very best advice I could give him was this. It’s harsh, but true, and from my heart. Maybe there is a message in it for you?

A Secret About A World Business Leader And Client Service Excellence

I just heard an amazing story about one of the world’s most powerful business leaders and how he still understands one of the greatest traits of client service ninjas. It gave me a shiver. I’ll never forget it. Give it a read. It will stay with you forever.

I don’t believe clients every see us as ‘partners’. They see us as suppliers. Why? Because I know that if I stuff up twice in a row, maybe three times, I will be fired by my client. Partnerships are more resilient than that.

The trick is to become your client’s most valuable, indispensable supplier. You have to become a trusted advisor. And one critical trait of a trusted advisor is often overlooked. Here it is, and a great story of a business tycoon who still gets it right today. It’s a story only a few people know about. Now you do too – if you read on.