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Whiskey’s Wise Advice For Career Success in 2017

Want to make positive, big progress towards your career and life goals this year? Yes? Then do this. And right now!

How was your 2016? Some triumphs? Tough out there? Now’s a good time to reflect on how to move forward in your career. Here’s a tip. I was in Melbourne, overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding and impending doom. Minor setbacks had knocked the wind out of my confidence and mojo. I was in a funk. Lost in a tsunami of fear, pessimism, defeatism, catastrophising.

Then I saw a Johnnie Walker billboard. It gave me the answer to getting back in control and tackling 2017 with hope and optimism. This is what it said:

The One Thing Facebook Gave Me Which Made A Real, Positive Difference

I am not really a Facebook user. I have a Possums Facebook page, and appreciate its role, but have yet to be convinced I need it more pervasively in my life. That was until I learnt this one fact about Facebook. It has changed me, and I use it every day. It is absolutely brilliant. Here it is, and here’s why.

I am a very private person (Possums is the exception and is about sharing, learning, and keeping ‘current’). I don’t enjoy others knowing about what I or my family are doing. I love my friends and extended family- but don’t have any need to regularly know too much about their daily lives either. If they need help- I am there. If we’re together, I am keenly present and enthused. But apart from that, I don’t need the regular communication or connection (apart from with my Mum of course).

So I have never really ‘got’ Facebook – for me. I ‘get’ why others embrace it, and respect that, but it leaves me cold. That was, until I learnt this one fact about Facebook. Now I use it every day.