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Want To Make 2015 An Unforgettable Year- Here’s How!

I am determined to make the year ahead unforgettable- a year which I will cherish for the rest of my life. You can too, if you are brave enough to take this one very simple action.

It was the death of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo that has sparked me into action. His obituary in The International New York Times gave me the clue. “Cuomo,” it read…” may be remembered more for the things he never did than what he accomplished.”

I’ll tell you why they said that of Cuomo shortly. Point is, his is a legacy of missed opportunity, of unrealized promise. Join me in making sure 2015 is not a year to be remembered by what we do not accomplish. Take responsibility now to make the next 12 months GREAT for you. Start by remembering the words of William Ernest Henley in his poem ‘Invictus’ as you consider your goals and aspirations for the year ahead:

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

Here’s The Best Advice You Will Get All Year

Stretching out before us is the new year, winking optimism, opportunity, freshness and renewal. And to help you make 2015 a great year, I am going to share some brilliant advice. It is a gem. Promise. Here it is.

Thanks all for another possums year, all 10,000 weekly subscribers and followers. Possums is taking a break now until 21 January. Have a wonderful end of year, and here’s to an inspiring 2015. I am repeating here the post I used at the same time last year. I love it. It’s message is so powerful. Enjoy, and thank again. I really appreciate the interest. Chris

I love the ‘fresh start’ that January brings. It lifts my spirits, and makes me feel ‘anything is possible.’ Sadly, history tells me that by about March, I will have sunk back into the depths of deadlines, ‘to do’ lists, pressure, and a string of broken promises with myself. I lose sight of what drives, inspires and gives me purpose. But not this year. No, no, no! You see- I read a piece of advice that I know will make this year a triumph of mindfulness and happiness. It can for you too. If you’re up for it. Here’s that gem.

Why We Do Not Achieve Goals- And What To Do About It

There are two forces at play if you want to achieve your goals. They have to be working in partnership if you are to succeed. This is powerful. Simple. Game-changing. Read on and discover how to beat goals more often.

Look in the mirror and you will see- at the same time- your best friend and your greatest enemy. When I see me in that mirror, I shake my head in dismay, wonderment, bemusement at what an oddity I am. Strong, decisive, able in many ways…weak, flawed, broken in so many others.

What baffles me most about me is how it is that I can be so goal driven, and achieve goals so often, and yet, at the same time, fail so miserably on others, even though I try multiple ways of tackling them. Not any more! I have the answer: and here it is:

The Simple Truth About How To Be More Effective

Here’s a challenge. It will take one minute- and WILL make a huge difference to your ability to achieve goals and success in what you do. And- it is simple. Up for it?

I was in Saigon last week. My colleague presented to the team an impressive plan for the first few months of 2015 – a plan to improve performance across their business. It was well thought out. Comprehensive. All the right actions were there. About 12 things that needed to be done. The team understood. And were aligned.

Now- at this stage I would normally have said “EBNE- Excellent, But Not Enough.” Instead, I yelled to myself “EBTA- Excellent, But Too Ambitious.” So I challenged the team to do something extremely hard to do: to do LESS. Here’s why.

The Key To Achieving Goals- Simple and Powerful, Yet Damned Hard To Do

There is a simple, unglamorous, obvious key ingredient to achieving goals, dreams, aspirations. It is right here in front of us, but so damned hard to do. Are you able to do it? If you can, victory is yours. Here it is.

The World Cup is upon us. It was while watching a documentary last night on the fortunes of six superb Manchester United players from the 1990s that I was reminded of this powerful insight, shared with me on Friday by a colleague.

Lukas inadvertently gave me the message for today’s Possums when he told me this: “Well, it’s time to quote from that movie ‘The Best Marigold Hotel’, when the son who is trying to restore the old hotel in India says:

A Guaranteed, Proven Way To Achieving Goals- Every Time

I have tried every diet under the sun. Sadly, my self-discipline has never been strong enough to achieve long term results. But there was one time when I did really well. And the reason for that success is a great lesson for achieving goals. So simple. So powerful. Here it is.

OK. I know it simply comes down to eating less and moving more. But easier said than done. For me, anyway. I struggle with managing a healthy weight. Such a simple issue to fix. Yet I find it incredibly hard. I comfort eat. Balloon out. Then I do a weight loss ‘blitz’, lose 10 kgs, feel great, get busy, get stressed, and kapow! Those jeans I put in the ‘throw out’ pile as they were hanging off the ‘new’ me….well, they are back on, top button undone as it can’t be done up.

But one system did have a longer term effect. That was Weight Watchers. It really did work, for months- until I stopped going to the weekly meetings. And in that single statement is the magic to achieving goals. Simple. Powerful. Needs discipline to do. Here it is