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Three Poisonous Words That Kill Your Credibility- Every Time

I hear these three appalling words every day. Surely those saying them must realise how terrible they sound? These words undermine everything about you. Do you say them? If ‘yes,’ then please- stop!!! Here’s the rant.

I’m in the middle of my ‘100 cups of coffee’ as I clarify the shape of my next career move. Actually, I’m well over 100 cups by now. It’s been a privilege. Catching up with many contacts of old. Talking opportunity with friends and colleagues. Making new contacts. And listening to many requests for help on businesses from strangers.

It’s the strangers who usually do it. They’re trying to impress, and make a fast connection. So they resort to these three words to attempt to show authenticity. It fails every time. It backfires. Whatever you do, never say this…never:

A Simple Lesson From Calvin Klein To Help You Achieve Great Things

The image of a bronzed Adonis-like man, clad only in white briefs, got me very excited last week. My heart pumped faster. I was inspired. Energised. And I bet you feel the same way when you read why this happened to me. Here is that story.

The darkened seminar room at the Cannes Creativity Conference was a sanctuary, away from the glare of a brutal six months of relentless pressure, tough issues and a unforgiving workload. I was feeling depleted, and two days of presentations from global thought leaders on their insights on ‘what’s now and what’s next’ had failed to lift my spirits. Until the global Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein took the stage at an ‘off Broadway’ session, to explain how the company had built a global brand. What a story.

She then outlined the business’s four core operating guidelines- and it was Value Number 2 that grabbed my attention. I just loved it. It was the inspiration I needed to lift my head and say: “YES! Let’s get cracking.” Here is what that key Calvin Klein guideline says:

Do You Have The Courage To Answer This One Question- And Share It?

This is a very short and sharp Possums post. It’s designed to get you thinking. And (I hope) to share your response. I am sharing mine. Tell me yours. But beware- this might scare you. Do you have the courage to tell the truth? I wonder……

All my life I have been handcuffed by insecurity and self-doubt. I have tried to compensate by being ‘extroverted’ and, to many, I appear confident and strong. But it’s a façade. Just under the surface is a frightened person- of failure, the unknown, risk, ridicule. Seriously. Fear has underpinned most of what I have done, and haven’t done, in my life.

I am a little better at it now. But still got a shock when confronted with this one, very simple question. Incredibly hard to answer, truthfully. But I am giving it a go. Here’s the question.

Are You Brave Enough To Try This? Not Sure I Am…..

I am writing about something I am terrible at, and often petrified by. It’s uncomfortable. Yet this one simple habit makes for better leadership and relationships. It can also be disastrous, if mismanaged. I am determined to improve. It won’t be easy. Are you brave enough to join me? Truthfully?

All my life I have struggled with this one trait. Maybe it was the fear of hurting other people’s feelings? Or fear that somehow I’d look bad or inadequate if I did it. I’ve dodged it whenever I can, or approached it in a weird and circular fashion.

A good business or life coach does it well. The Brand Guy is advocating it. My sage counsel Rob is passionate about it. Our CEO is good at it. I have role models. But still I struggle to do this one thing consistently. And I bet you struggle too. Here it is:

Never Make This Fatal Mistake – Do It Once And Lose Forever

I was quite literally shattered last week when someone did something that shocked me very deeply. I was dismayed. Stunned. It hurt me personally, but hurt them much, much more. This person made one of the biggest mistakes we can make in life. Avoid it at all costs. Please. Here it is.

I wrote a post about Australian business icon David Gonski, who once said to me: “Staying pissed off is a luxury in business.” I have had to remind myself of this these past few days. Happily, I am now reconciled. Because I realize the person who pissed me off actually hurt himself far more than anyone else.

Quite simply, this person broke the most fundamental rule to building a business career and –many would say- a life to be proud of. Fail this rule, and you will not be remembered well. To succeed, this must be the basis of everything you do. Here it is:

Is it ever ok to lie to a client?

“Is it ever ok to lie to a client?” I asked this of close to a thousand professional services executives on a recent ‘How To Delight Clients” road show, and was surprised by the overwhelmingly consistent response.

Will it surprise you? Read on…

In training executives with aspirations for successful long-term consulting careers, it’s a question best discussed and answered early, openly and fully. That’s why we asked it on the road show. And that’s why I thought it worthwhile raising on Wrestling Possums.

Getting it wrong can spell disaster, so learn the lesson early- and share it, often.

Here’s the overwhelmingly consistent response from the almost one thousand people I’ve asked.