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2017- A Success For You, Or Not?

Has 2017 been a ‘success’ for you? Here’s a great way to work out what success means to you. It will give you real clarity. Give it a read.

An amazing thing happened while sitting a few weeks ago with loved ones in a cafe in Sintra, just outside Lisbon (as you do). I’d just ordered lunch, and a bottle of red wine, when I realised this powerful truth:

Give Up On Long-Term Dreams, and Thrive

I heard this three months ago from a 17 year old school boy diagnosed with a terrible cancer. It has nagged at me. It’s so fricking powerful. For me, anyway. For you?

My then 45 year old mate Tony said this to the lads one night over a beer. “Oh- I’ll worry about that when I’m really old…like when I’m 55.” He’s a hugely smart man, Tony. But for once I was able to say to him: “Tony- let me tell you something I know that you don’t. When you’re 52, as I am today, 55 does not seem old.”

I just turned 55. It feels older than I thought! But I am thrilled about it. Because I have the answer to looking to the future with abundant optimism, hope and enthusiasm. It was given to me by a desperately ill 17 year old boy. Here it is:

My Weekend From Hell – A Screw Up and a Lesson For All

I have spent an awful weekend – in total dismay at how I could have let myself and others down so badly. I can’t believe I have made the same mistake again. It is unforgiveable. Really. I have failed. Here’s my sad story. It’s a major lesson for business and life.

I am always ready to tell all, through my Possums posts and in business, how brilliant and wise I am and how I have learnt so many great lessons in my 30 years in business. You know it- you read this stuff!

So I need to fess up when I screw up. And today I have my head bowed and tail firmly between my legs. I failed to learn from the past. I forgot the lessons of previous stuff ups. We have to learn from our mistakes, and ensure we don’t make them again. Yet I did exactly that- and I am ashamed by it. Here’s the massive mistake I made. In fact- there are two of them. Here they are:

The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Ever Receive – From Me, To You

I received a powerful and welcomed Christmas gift this week. It’s so meaningful that I am going to give it to you. And then ask you to pass it on – to as many people you can. This gift is summed up in a four letter word. Here it is.

I hope (from the bottom of my heart) you will read this post to the end. Then take action. Go on- do it. Please. Probably 90 seconds and it will be done. After all, it’s my last post for the year (Possums will be back mid-January). In fact, as an extra bonus, there are two stories in this one post: linked, meaningful, reflective. Perfect for this time of year.

You see, I was given a great gift this week, and also the opportunity to give others a similar gift. And this gift is summed up in one, very simple word. It is something we all need in our lives.

Lady Gaga Just Taught Me Something I Never Dreamt Of

I am writing this en route to Africa to give a speech of Possums highlights to a major business conference. The Inflight entertainment has a profile on Lady Gaga. Impressive woman! Gaga said one thing so critically important that I need to share it with you NOW. It has really depressed me. How does it make you feel?

Perez Hilton is a bit of an odd cove. But he sure as heck gets access to the stars. His profile with Lady Gaga was revealing. Gaga is clearly a genuine super star talent. And smart. And in many ways, a very positive role model. One thing she said got me thinking- and made me really sad.

In fact, Gaga’s insight built perfectly on a digital campaign I saw recently done for Johnnie Walker whiskey in China, based around this very frightening concept.