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What Steve Jobs, Picasso and Sir Stamford Raffles Had In Common- And I Stole It!

Jogging by the river in Singapore last week, I stumbled upon the statue of the ‘founder’ of Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles, being freshly painted. It reminded me of something I stole from him once- and something I want you to steal from me. Seriously. Here it is. Take it.

Some dispute that Sir (Thomas) Stamford Raffles actually founded Singapore, but it’s a moot point. He had a vision for what this small fishing port could become, set the path, and went on to achieve much in his short life. He died aged 46.

But here’s the thing- most of Raffles’ ideas were not his own. Neither, according to the recent biography “Raffles and The Golden Opportunity”, were his ‘discoveries and his enthusiasms.’ You see- Raffles had a crystal ball apparently, and could see what built the success of both Pablo Picasso and Steve Jobs. Quite simply, Raffles built his success on one critical habit.

If You Want A Great Next Role Get Ill First

“It took me 130 coffees to land the ideal next role for me,” said my breakfast companion on Friday. 130 coffees, hey. Now that would make you pretty ill. And that’s the point of this story. You need to get ill if you want to secure the very best role you can. Here’s why.

I am a huge fan of making the grass greener on this side of the fence; to try to fix your current role so it is inspiring and great. But sometimes the reality is that we need to move on- and finding that outstanding, insanely perfect next role can be a daunting challenge.

As your career evolves and you get more senior, it becomes tougher for the perfect opportunity to ‘land’. And that’s where the ‘Get Ill First’ strategy comes into play. This is what it is and how it works.

Fiji, The Futurist and a Rather Big Survival Wake Up Call

I went to Fiji a few weeks ago to speak at a big conference. A futurist who did the opening keynote said something brilliant and simple. It shocked me- a startling truth about business today, and a critical key to survival. Here it is.
I wrote a post recently about what David Tudehope , who founded Macquarie Telecom, said to me about the secret to his success: “It’s the ability to adapt and change that underpins success.”
And futurist Mike Walsh, CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, crystalizes this thought quite violently really when he advises us what to do about ‘change’ if our businesses are to survive. Six words. Powerful words. They have shaken me. And are in my mind everyday as we work on STW’s future growth. Here they are:

The Magic Ingredient To Why Some Entrepreneurs Succeed, And Others Don’t

I have been in Asia meeting with a raft of independent digital, creative, PR, research, design and activation agencies- businesses built by hardcore entrepreneurs. Every one of these conversations proved to me that it is one simple ingredient that ensures success or failure. We need to learn this lesson if we are to survive in our careers. Here it is.

Actually, I knew the secret before I went traveling with CEO Mike to identify partners right for our Asian growth plans. An outstanding entrepreneur and business leader, David Tudehope, had shared it with me over a hurried lunch in Sydney a week prior. David founded Macquarie Telecom, and with his brother Aidan has built it into a major and resilient force in the Australian telecommunications market.

“David,” I asked. “What has been the secret to your success.” His answer will stay with me always, and has been front of mind as we’ve assessed potential partners in Asia.

How To Have Outstanding Innovation Sessions and Brainstorms

I’ve always been intrigued by the Steve Jobs quote: “You know great design when you want to lick it.” But how the heck do you design great products, or great ideas that will revolutionize your own business, or that of a client? I just attended a session on innovation which gave me the answer. It’s a short read. And invaluable.

Some of the best thinking and work within STW is coming from our superb group of branding and design agencies. So when our training company, Phuel, told me about their latest licensed simulation: Design Thinker, I was immediately intrigued. This session gives participants live practice in the skills of design thinking, and was developed in partnership with Experience Point and IDEO, probably the most famous innovation design business in the world. So we immediately signed up our leaders to attend the course, and were not disappointed. Here’s what we discovered.

More ‘sexing up’ client relationships proven tips

In a previous post I outlined how client relationships often get stale, and offered 5 great ideas to ‘sex it up’ a bit. Here are five more proven ideas to put some spice back into relationships that have kind of got a bit staid and boring, for all.

The magic of the early days dwindles. You start taking each other for granted. You don’t tell them you love them. You get a bit fat and lazy.

Danger! This is when competitors put on that little black dress, apply the make-up and start winking at your client across the bar. This is a high risk time, so take action fast to spice up the relationship. To ensure clients keep coming home to you when competitors wink at them, follow these five proven relationship ‘sex it up’ actions right now.