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Three Words To Define Your Year

I’m back with gusto to writing Possums! All because of three words which have inspired me to make 2019 awesome. Read on for the magic…..

2018 was good, but tough. Frantically busy, ‘successful’ first half. Reflection, soul-searching, recalibration in the second. In looking for inspiration to channel energies into 2019, I stumbled upon this razor-sharp idea. It will ensure I keep strong and on track as the grind unfolds. It will for you too. Start by imagining this – it’s the last day of this year….

Vale A Unique Man Who Touched Many

Like many in Australia and beyond, a powerful light went out for me last week with the sudden death of a massive talent and good man.

He was special. Here’s the most powerful insight he gave me. Keep it close, forever:

Here’s The Best Advice You Will Get All Year

Stretching out before us is the new year, winking optimism, opportunity, freshness and renewal. And to help you make 2015 a great year, I am going to share some brilliant advice. It is a gem. Promise. Here it is.

Thanks all for another possums year, all 10,000 weekly subscribers and followers. Possums is taking a break now until 21 January. Have a wonderful end of year, and here’s to an inspiring 2015. I am repeating here the post I used at the same time last year. I love it. It’s message is so powerful. Enjoy, and thank again. I really appreciate the interest. Chris

I love the ‘fresh start’ that January brings. It lifts my spirits, and makes me feel ‘anything is possible.’ Sadly, history tells me that by about March, I will have sunk back into the depths of deadlines, ‘to do’ lists, pressure, and a string of broken promises with myself. I lose sight of what drives, inspires and gives me purpose. But not this year. No, no, no! You see- I read a piece of advice that I know will make this year a triumph of mindfulness and happiness. It can for you too. If you’re up for it. Here’s that gem.

How To Keep Strong When The Pressure Is On

I gave a presentation yesterday to a room of colleagues. I got to a slide I’d presented a thousand times, and yet its message struck me hard- as if I was hearing it for the first time. It was a message of hope, and of resilience. Here it is.

Our lives and roles can’t always be a bowl of cherries- sometimes the pressure builds, tensions rise, relationships get tested, issues complicate. Constant pressure depletes energy – it pulls you down, clouds judgement. You can feel trapped in the relentlessness of it all. The fun goes. It becomes a grind. We can become, quite simply, unhappy- right there deep inside. Know what I mean?

And it was on slide 17 of my presentation on how to be more effective and efficient every day that I was reminded of this great piece of advice. Here it is, and how I have used it to lift my spirits. Maybe it can help you do the same when you are feeling the pinch. Here’s that message from slide 17:

How To Find Inspiration When You Need It

I have been looking for clues as to what genuinely inspires me. And I found it when a colleague did not like a suggestion I made. There it was. The answer. Right in front of me. Now- does this hold true for you? Is this a key to your inspiration?

“You must get closer to the client work,” I encouraged my colleague, who spends most of his time ‘managing’ business issues. He looked uneasy. Silent. “What’s up? Is there a problem with that?” I asked, perplexed. “Well,“ he replied hesitantly. “It’s just that…the client work thing… it’s kind of not what I do these days… I am just, well, not sure I am able to do it anymore.”

And there it was. The secret to inspiration. You see, it was clear what my colleague needed to do. It would absolutely revitalise and inspire the pants off him. Here it is. Hold true for you too? Sure does for me.

The Most Important Question To Ask If You Want To Thrive

Here’s a very personal question. It’s likely the first time you’ll really think about this issue. The answer might surprise you, and can –literally- energise your future. Here is that critical question- for you, and for me.

My last Possums post suggested inspiration comes from ‘getting started.’ If we get cracking on a project, even if we don’t feel like it, then very quickly the ideas and momentum- and inspiration- comes too. My view was that environments can inspire (eg: for me, say, Rome, or the artefacts and furniture in my office, etc), but it’s taking action that really counts.

Then a wise colleague generously shared a powerful insight that has sat front and centre in my mind. This is part of what he wrote to me. “To be inspired is to ‘breathe in.’….. There’s also nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with the things, and especially people, who give you heart, even comfort.” And in that statement is THE question to answer if you want to thrive. Here is it.