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A Fatal Flaw In Modern Leadership- And How To Fix It

I thrive on pressure. It’s a strength. And a weakness. So I was delighted when the toughest guy IN THE WORLD (no kidding) told me recently that he loves it too. It’s part of the solution to the ineffective leadership we see a lot of today. Here’s the insight.

I heard famous explorer Tim Jarvis talk a couple of weeks ago about his retracing the extraordinary 1916 exploration done by Ernest Shackleton and 5 companions. Tim repeated their incredible journey, sailing a small rowing boat with five others 800 miles through the roughest ocean in the world, from Antarctica to the island of South Georgia. He said the teamwork and motivation of all the crew was outstanding when they were under pressure on the high seas. But as soon as they landed on solid ground, and rested, then discontent, disagreement and disunity began to unfold. People began to think about themselves more than the team. His message is simple, and I absolutely believe it:

How Many Times You’ve Had Sex, and Who’s Next -A Lesson for Life and Business

Here’s an odd question to be asked: “How many times have you had sex? And do you know who will be next?” So – who is asking and why is it relevant? Read on and find out, and learn a major lesson for business and life.

Growing up in South Africa in the 1970s I know only too well the fame and influence of singer Rodriguez. So the Oscar winning documentary on his amazing story, “Searching For Sugar Man” was extra special. (Those lines from his song “I Wonder”… ”I wonder, how many times you’ve had sex, and I wonder, do you know who’ll be next” were intriguing and exciting to a generation of young South Africans brought up in a highly censored, incredibly strict apartheid South Africa police state). It’s all explained in the doco- worth a watch for sure!

The story is of the search for Rodriguez- ‘bigger than Elvis’ in South Africa, but unheard of in his native America. Nothing was written or apparently known about him, and he was rumored to have killed himself. The ‘searchers’ hit a big obstacle in their search. Most would have given up, but they didn’t- their attitude was this: