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Whiskey’s Wise Advice For Career Success in 2017

Want to make positive, big progress towards your career and life goals this year? Yes? Then do this. And right now!

How was your 2016? Some triumphs? Tough out there? Now’s a good time to reflect on how to move forward in your career. Here’s a tip. I was in Melbourne, overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding and impending doom. Minor setbacks had knocked the wind out of my confidence and mojo. I was in a funk. Lost in a tsunami of fear, pessimism, defeatism, catastrophising.

Then I saw a Johnnie Walker billboard. It gave me the answer to getting back in control and tackling 2017 with hope and optimism. This is what it said:

How To Use Tomatoes To Explode Your Efficiency

Here’s a simple idea that will make a massive difference to your effectiveness and efficiency. It sounds weird. I tried it. And- it works! It’s a 60 second read that will save you many hours of time. Give it a go!

I was preparing for a series of speeches I am giving around Australia this month. I’m using my six months ‘gardening leave’ to ‘give back’ to others. Sharing learnings is how best I can do that. I had at least two hours of hard work to do to update a presentation to make it current and extra valuable. I was struggling to get started. The task felt big. Then I remembered Kuba’s weird advice at breakfast two months ago.”Enjoy tomatoes if you want to turbo your effectiveness,” he’d said. What he meant was this:

The Absolute Secret To Success- But Be Warned, It Can Hurt!

The telecommunications executive looked at me expectantly, awaiting my answer to the most critical question of all: “How do I drive my career to ‘success’?” Oh- I knew the answer. And shared it. He was disappointed. As I knew he would be. Bet you will be too- because it is NOT EASY, though very, very simple. Here it is.

Many of us think about what ‘success’ means- what it looks like for me and how I’ll know when I get there. It’s one of life’s tough questions, and often takes years- if ever- for us to get clarity on ‘what’s it all about?’- for us. There is good news though. While nailing what ‘success’ means can be a long journey, the answer on how to get there is right in front of our noses. Seriously. Achieving ‘success’ is built around one very simple habit. And here it is.