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The 5% Secret To Powering Your Career

If you want to have an incredibly successful, vibrant, long-lasting career, then please- there is no need to be a 100 percenter. All you need to be is a 5 percenter. Here’s why. I’ve just returned from the Cannes Creativity Festival. I paid my own way. No pointy end plane trip and five star hotel paid by a cosy corporate master. Just me. Backing myself. The reason I’m doing it is because of that secret to career longevity and success. Do this, and thrive. Here it is:

The Key To Becoming A Great Leader

Fear, doubt, uncertainty, self-criticism. That’s how it feels. Leadership can suck. That’s why I am putting my hand up for this. And you can too.

The Best $1.98 You’ll Ever Spend

Today I am asking you, from my heart, to spend $1.98. You’ll be helping a charity, supporting one of the world’s good guys, and you’ll receive two gifts that could make a massive difference to you. Read on.

Michael Bunting is a leadership and mindfulness guru. He’s also a beautiful person in every sense, with a big heart and a desire to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives and careers. The good news for all of us is that Michael is publishing two books- and for TODAY only, these are available for $0.99 cents a copy.

Read on for more details of this amazing offer- and why I will match with a donation to charity the value of ever order you make.

The Secret To Fast-Tracking Success

You need to be cheeky to do this, and brave. Do it well, and you’ll accelerate towards success. Some won’t like this approach. So be it. It works, and I love it.

I am in Cape Cod tonight, having just finished dinner with Artist Steve. Three years ago he was a failed marketing guy. Unemployed. He spent his time painting seascapes. Someone saw his work, and bought a painting. Steve had an idea. He rented a gallery in the main street. Put up a sign: “Artist Steve- Cape Cod’s Newest Art Sensation” (or something like that). He sent paintings to a friend who had bookshops in Berlin and Amsterdam. “Now exhibiting across Europe” the banner triumphed across the gallery window. Steve sold $600,000 in paintings last year. Sure- he has talent, and now has ‘fame’ momentum. Most importantly, he did what many successful people have done. He had the nerve to….:

How To Find Out If You Are A Tricky Character

’ve been a thief, have claimed credit for things I have not done, lie, harbour resentments, and am easy prey to addictions (smoking the worst). I tell you this because I want you to be brutally honest with yourself about who you really are. Are you brave enough to do it?

If you want to make a Greek misty eyed, just say: ‘Philotomo.’ It’s a powerfully evocative yet subtle word, symbolising courage, generosity, duty, honour, empathy, humility. It derives from filos, friend, and timi, honour. It’s about giving to others without wanting anything back for yourself, except perhaps love and appreciation.

I’m not Greek. Sometimes I wish I was. Philotomo is a way of behaving which I have struggled all my life to evolve and build in to my nature. We call it ‘character.’ It’s the essence of who we are. Here’s how you can constantly ‘check in’ with what your true character is, at this very moment in your life:

You know what your real character is by what you do when no-one is watching.

A Critical Business “Must Do” – Share It At Your Peril

There was a disaster on the mountain K2 a few years back, where a large number of climbers were killed. A survivor outlined his perception of what caused the tragedy. It was a simple truth that lives every day in our business lives, and beyond. It’s not for sharing. You absolutely HAVE to do it alone. Here it is.

Several groups of climbers, of various nationalities, had ended up at the same point at the same time on the climb to the summit of K2, one of the highest peaks in the world. Huddled together that night, they agreed to continue the last stage to the top as one group. They split up and shared the responsibilities amongst the teams. That sealed their fate. The next day, a series of simple mountaineering sacrosanct rules were broken, and many climbers plunged to their deaths.

What went wrong? Simply this: