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Eight Proven Steps On How To Deliver A World Class Result- Every Time

We just staged our annual STW Kick Off conference for our 400 most senior leaders. The feedback was amazing. “The most inspiring, impressive conference day of my career.” “Better than TED, better than Cannes.” We were overwhelmed with the impact. How had we pulled off such a triumph? The secret is this.

In planning our 2012 conference, CEO Mike set precise goals: “The 2012 conference needs to be an inspiring and insightful ideas-rich forum that gives our leaders deep value. It needs to demonstrate the power and influence of STW, and our clear leadership position. There is going to be a lot of salary sitting in that room so we had better make it worth their while. It needs to be world class.”

It was what the team did in that first hour that ensured the success of this event. It’s a tip proven to ensure an outstanding result every time, whenever you have a major goal to achieve. Here it is.

How To Make An Unforgettably Positive Impact On Others

I’ll never forget the moment the furniture tycoon rolled down the window of his car and told me something that literally changed my world. It also showed what powerful leaders are able to do, and why they are unforgettable when they do it. Want to know what he did? Read on.

We were in the midst of a major house renovation. And the big bills were coming in every three weeks. Costs were blowing out. I was losing courage and faith. Anyone who has been through this knows the feeling. It’s overwhelming.

Then it got worse. The architect pushed for us to do an additional phase of work. But the additional cost was simply a bridge too far. I just could not bring myself to go that extra step. Even though…dammit…it made sense!

We had to make a decision by the Monday. I was totally confused, petrified, paralyzed. And then my neighbor saved the day. Here’s how.

The Rabbi, Jesus, and Le Rat: The Solution To A Key Leadership Dilemma

Having good judgment is impossible to teach. So I thought, until I heard this story. I was at the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of close Jewish friends. The Rabbi told a story about Jesus. “Eureka!” I yelled in my head. “That’s the answer to learning the hardest skill emerging leaders have to master.” It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Here it is.

The biggest barrier to would-be leaders achieving their goals is perceived lack of sound judgment.

We are given leadership positions because our bosses trust our judgment … that at key moments of truth, we will make the right call. This skill comes naturally to some, and often evolves with experience.

Now- I have never known how to best coach emerging leaders on how to develop judgment. Until I heard this story. Here it is, as told by the Rabbi.

The key to leadership – not to be found in management books

It’s only now- decades later- that I realise my father had mastered the most powerful habit an effective leader can have. No management book I’ve read contains this insight. I share it now hoping it is as immensely valuable to you as it has been, and is, to me.

First, a story. I was writing Wrestling Possums posts on a flight to Shanghai recently. I put on the headphones, started listening to Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins, and thought of my Dad. It was his favourite piece.

My memory of him, while blurred, is underpinned by a warm feeling. I remember Dad ‘being around’ when I was growing up.

Most important, of being there when I needed him most. This is how he did it, and here’s how you can bring this critical habit to play in leading teams and clients.

Why apricots are the secret to outstanding leadership

To get the best out of your teams, you as a leader have to get one habit very right. It’s the secret to outstanding leadership, whether you lead a team of two, or a team of two thousand. Here are two true stories, both of which are beauties and illustrate the ‘habit’ perfectly.

The first is about a chief executive of the Australian operations of a global software giant with whom I worked in the mid 1990s. His background was in sales, where his prowess had seen him rise to the top of a demanding, high performance organisation.

The second story is about Phil Waugh, a former Australian rugby team and current New South Wales Waratahs captain, and one of the most relentless, physical and enthusiastic player I’ve seen.