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Give Up On Long-Term Dreams, and Thrive

I heard this three months ago from a 17 year old school boy diagnosed with a terrible cancer. It has nagged at me. It’s so fricking powerful. For me, anyway. For you?

My then 45 year old mate Tony said this to the lads one night over a beer. “Oh- I’ll worry about that when I’m really old…like when I’m 55.” He’s a hugely smart man, Tony. But for once I was able to say to him: “Tony- let me tell you something I know that you don’t. When you’re 52, as I am today, 55 does not seem old.”

I just turned 55. It feels older than I thought! But I am thrilled about it. Because I have the answer to looking to the future with abundant optimism, hope and enthusiasm. It was given to me by a desperately ill 17 year old boy. Here it is:

My Challenge To You: Your Life In Six Words-Up for It?

If you get value from Wrestling Possums, then I ask you to do me one favor: reply to this post. Inundate me with responses. What I want you to do though is a bit freaky. Be warned. It might confront you. I want you to imagine that you will die in ten minutes time. Here’s why.

Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a book, but only in six words. He did it. “For sale: baby shoes; never worn.” That’s the power of storytelling. This apparently led a couple of guys who founded Smith Magazine to develop the ‘Six Word Memoir’ concept…writing your memoirs in just six words.

So, imagine you’ll expire (sorry about that) in 10 minutes time,. You pick up a pen to write your life story, your memoirs. But you only have six words to do it in. Give it a go. If you feel inclined, respond on the link at the end and share it. I’ll tell you mine. You tell me yours. Deal? Here’s mine.