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Four Habits To Keep You Positive And Strong, Every Day

Four Habits To Keep You Positive And Strong, Every Day

I get lots of feedback. From all walks of my life. Most of it ‘constructive’ –  where I must improve, miss the point, could do better, need to stop or start doing something. Most of it fair. Still- it can wear you down. I cope with it, positively, through these four powerful habits. Do you do this too?
They say ‘feedback is the food of champions.’ Ok- I get that and agree. I know I have to embrace feedback, to learn and grow from it. I am getting better at it.  Often, though,  people forget to give you positive reinforcement. They think you don’t need it. “Hey- you’re a strong person- you can manage. Man up!” I don’t know about you- perhaps you don’t need it- the positives. But I sure as hell do.
 I need pretty regular hugging to keep me strong. And if those hugs are not forthcoming, then we have to learn to give them to ourselves. This is how I do it. It sustains me, makes me stronger, keeps me green and growing. First and foremost, we have to do this one thing really, really well:

Four Habits To Keep You Positive And Strong, Every Day
Steve Lyons

How To Inspire Peak Performance- At Any Age: A Lesson From Steve Lyons

I am thinking of Steve Lyons today. It’s 12 years ago this week that Peter and I held his hands as he passed away in Kuala Lumpur from cancer. I am recalling the most powerful and inspiring habit Steve had. It defined him. And stays with me today. Do you do this? If not- start now!
You don’t remember what someone said, or what they did, but you always remember the way they made you feel. And Steve Lyons was an absolutely master at making you feel incredible. Steve made you feel everything and anything was possible- was within your grasp. He lifted your spirits, ambition, drive. He made your heart beat faster. Scott- you know it. Alan- so do you. Eileen- I know you are with me. All who were touched by Steve know exactly what I mean.
And sitting here at Auckland Airport I have absolute clarity about what it was that Steve would do that was so inspiring. So simple. So powerful. Here it is. Steve, quite simply:

Steve Lyons
Bruce Springsteen

The Most Exciting Habit In Life- Do You Enjoy It Often Enough?

I was in the taco queue prior to the Bruce Springsteen concert last weekend when the guy behind me said something totally inspiring. It reminded me of what makes for an exciting life – and an awesome career. Do you have it?
My colleague R was frustrated last week. “I was sitting next to a dull man at lunch. There is just no excuse for dullness. DO SOMETHING! Stand for something! Believe in something! Fail massively at something! Have something to say!!! Just whatever you do- don’t be dull!”  It struck a chord. Then while queuing at The Boss, an American voice behind me said to his queue companion: “Oh yes, I was here last night. In fact I travelled here from Hawaii for these concerts. I am a huge Bruce fan. Tonight is the 152nd time I have seen him live.”
And that is what inspired me. That Springsteen devotee had something in his life that we all need. It’s what Rose was looking for. Without it, we are dull- in life, at work, in everything. Here it is. How do you score?

Bruce Springsteen

Reflections On Life From The Operating Table

If you read this as you receive it, think of me. A part of me will be being removed, surgically, forever and at this very moment. Right now as I write, my nerves are pumping. It’s helped me crystalize what makes for a flourishing life. It’s a new discovery. It feels kind of right. How does it feel for you and your life?

OK. It’s a minor operation in the scheme of things. Gall bladder removal. Never even knew what a gall bladder was really, until a few weeks ago. And certainly did not know you can live without it. Well- you can. I hope.

This hospital visit has made me reflect on ‘What’s it all about?’ I have been thinking about what makes a meaningful life, for me. I wasn’t going to do a Possums this week- too distracted. Then, when looking through my Possums ‘ideas’ file, I discovered this gem about what makes us flourish in our lives. Not sure where I got it from. But please- give it a read. Needs 30 seconds of reading. Here it is:

If You Don’t Want To be a Loser-Do This-Often

I have just done something so extraordinary for me that I am in shock. When I realized I’d done it, I was embarrassed, for a moment. Ok- in truth I usually do it at night. But today I did it in broad daylight, and in public! Have I gone absolutely fricken mad? No- and here’s why.

I think it was in John Grisham’s ‘The Firm’ that I read about the crazy world of high powered, dog eat dog lawyers, where each tried to out-do the other by billing more hours. No-one went on holiday because someone would knife you if you did, and take your job. Or was it a ‘Wall Street’ era story? Does not matter. Point is, if you are as paranoid and insecure as me, you’re always petrified that unless you put it in relentlessly, and kick goals constantly, you’re somehow going to be found out as a pretender and get the big boot out the door, into a world of selling bananas on street corners.

And that’s why I was so shocked when I realized what I had done, in bright sunlight, just an hour ago. . I quickly comforted myself with this reassurance, given to me by a media tycoon three years ago. It’s powerful. And so basic.

The Passing of Steven Arif Abdullah Lyons and Why Love Endures

Eleven years ago this week a great friend died by my side in a hospital bed in Kuala Lumpur. I want to remember him today. Importantly, to remember the one thing about Steve that was insanely unforgettable. Read this post of his death, life and future, and you will never forget it. Promise.

A great leader is someone who knows how to inspire. Genuinely inspire. With time we forget what they said, we forget what they did, but we NEVER forget how the made us FEEL. Eleven years after his death, I remember crisply, clearly, vividly… how Steve Lyons made me feel. Invincible. Unbeatable. A king. A star. Wanted. Supported. And he made me feel loved. As he did many people across the region.

This is a story about Steve’s death. About the life he lead. The impact he made and left. And how Steve and his inspiring aura lives on- 11 years later. Quite simply, I publish below the email I sent to Steve’s massive circle of friends around the world just after he died. I know most of you don’t know Steve- it does not matter, give it a read. Some of you do. Enjoy the reminder!