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Why This Post Is A Blank Page

This Possums post’s beautifully powerful idea is best read in a quiet moment. It contains life changing potential. But it needs reflection. Ready? Here’s that idea.

I never was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. Recently I have come to appreciate his genius and insight. No more so that this snippet of video I saw of his one-man stage show that’s just kicked off on Broadway. It completely floored me, this idea. Here are Bruce’s words:

The world you’ve gotten used to… that you love and that you hate.
And your life laying before you, like a blank page.
It is THE one thing I miss about getting older…….

Why Applying The Brake Helps You Accelerate Your Career

I did something really weird in Melbourne last week. It’s a bit embarrassing. You see- I turned left. And by doing so, I was reminded of the biggest mistake I continue to make, in my life and career. Do you make it too? If ‘yes,’ then STOP! And turn left, like me. Here’s why.

The day started early. Emails and calls, even while walking to the six hour intense training session for 30 of our up and comers that I then led. As soon as the session finished, it was back to urgent emails and phone messages, and a quick sit down at a sidewalk café to make one particularly challenging call. It was now 4 pm, and I knew I could get back to my hotel with a fast walk in time to get in two more hours of ‘to do’ list before a dinner engagement. I started walking. And then it happened.

I turned left.

Instead of crossing the bridge to the city and my hotel, I turned left into the Victorian Art Gallery. Not sure why. Just did. Moments later I was in stillness, looking at Picasso, Pissarro, Turner and the Orientalists. Then I spent half an hour in the book shop there, bought some pencils and cards, and a book on line drawing. I turned left for an hour, but it’s impact was profound. Here’s why.

A Short, Sharp Story That Will Give You Strength- Guaranteed

I was at the junior rugby club annual ball chatting to a mother of one of the boys. We were talking about young girls and first dates. And she told me something about what happened to her during her ‘dating’ years that really struck and surprised me. It’s a powerful message for our lives and business success. At the very least, it will make you pause and reflect.

Liverpool Football Club toured Asia and Australia last month and the YouTube video of the packed grounds in Jakarta and Melbourne roaring out the Liverpool song is just amazing…. That chorus…”YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!” And it reminded me of what Sophie told me at the rugby dinner. It all links.

“Every time a boy would ask me out my father would insist they pick me up from home and that they meet the family,” Sophie told me. “But why did he insist that?” I asked. And her answer- so simple- is the key to giving yourself strength, whenever you need it. Her father’s view about the would-be beaus was this: