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Possums Special Edition: Comment On The Big News From America

This Trumps Every Other Motivational Idea

Were you as shattered this week as I was with the worst news we could possibly have received from the USA? Fear not! Here’s a message of hope that trumps everything else.

What terrible news! So sad. Inevitable, yet it has left me with shoulders slumped, optimism a little squashed, and a touch of fear and extra loneliness in my heart. No. Nothing to do with Donald Trump. Everything to do with the passing at age 82 of my mentor and guide, Canadian musician and poet Leonard Cohen.

Cohen made me feel it was okay to feel the way I feel. Does that make sense to you? It does to me. You see, Leonard Cohen was one of those rare people in my life. They deliver powerful juice that fuels optimism and hope. Here it is.

The Key To A Winning Team Will Be Music To Your Ears

A chance meeting in Melbourne gave me a new insight into how to build winning teams. Here’s what happened- and the lesson in it for you, your business, your life. Beware- it might depress you. Or spur you into action? Let’s see….

We arrived at the restaurant. My 12 year old mate suddenly grabbed my arm: “OMG! OMG,” he enthuised, breathlessly. “LOOK! Look who it is!! It’s…it’s Archie Thompson! And…and…(gasp)…Besart Berisha!” – two strikers from the Melbourne Victory football club. The entire team was in the private dining room. We approached Thompson. He graciously chatted, and then invited us into the team dinner room. We looked in from the door. What an inspiring group of young people- beautifully mannered, dressed, welcoming. The mood in that room was excited, warm, energised, inspired, bonded. I wanted to cut off a slice and take it home.

I returned to the table. “Now, that’s a winning culture,” I said. “They will do very well this year. I know this, because I just did one very simple thing….” This is what I did.