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Why A Good Waxing Saves Careers

There’s a real message in hot wax to help smooth successful and happy careers. It all starts with self-examination. Take a look, and thrive. Here’s how.
In Greek mythology, Daedalus advised his son Icarus to be bold enough to fly but not to fly so high that the sun’s heat would melt the wax of the wings he had fashioned for him.
Thrilled by his initial aerobatic successes, Icarus ignored his father’s advice and paid the ultimate price – a sobering demonstration of unjustified self confidence and the abuse of power.
He blew his moment in the sun, and fell victim to this wonderful adage:
“…. Today a peacock, tomorrow a feather duster.”

A Fatal Flaw In Modern Leadership- And How To Fix It

I thrive on pressure. It’s a strength. And a weakness. So I was delighted when the toughest guy IN THE WORLD (no kidding) told me recently that he loves it too. It’s part of the solution to the ineffective leadership we see a lot of today. Here’s the insight.

I heard famous explorer Tim Jarvis talk a couple of weeks ago about his retracing the extraordinary 1916 exploration done by Ernest Shackleton and 5 companions. Tim repeated their incredible journey, sailing a small rowing boat with five others 800 miles through the roughest ocean in the world, from Antarctica to the island of South Georgia. He said the teamwork and motivation of all the crew was outstanding when they were under pressure on the high seas. But as soon as they landed on solid ground, and rested, then discontent, disagreement and disunity began to unfold. People began to think about themselves more than the team. His message is simple, and I absolutely believe it:

One Powerful “Gold Medal” Winning Habit To Ensure You Always Achieve Your Goals

My mind kept wandering while watching the London Olympics to the greatest Olympic moment ever- in my view: a moment of disaster and of triumph- a moment I share regularly with anyone who will listen. It’s a moment with an incredibly powerful message for life, and for success. Here it is.

I got so motivated by the Olympics that I put down the chocolate bar, bought a stop watch and went up to the local oval to time my 400 meter ‘sprint’. Nearly killed me. First go- 2 minutes 12 seconds. Second go- 2 minutes 2 seconds. Third go- there was no third go.

But when I think about the greatest Olympic champion of all, I think not of Bolt, or Phelps, but of an unknown Australian who achieved gold by doing one thing- and one thing alone. It’s an incredibly critical lesson to achieving your goals, and to success. Here’s what he did:

The Rabbi, Jesus, and Le Rat: The Solution To A Key Leadership Dilemma

Having good judgment is impossible to teach. So I thought, until I heard this story. I was at the Bat Mitzvah of the daughter of close Jewish friends. The Rabbi told a story about Jesus. “Eureka!” I yelled in my head. “That’s the answer to learning the hardest skill emerging leaders have to master.” It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Here it is.

The biggest barrier to would-be leaders achieving their goals is perceived lack of sound judgment.

We are given leadership positions because our bosses trust our judgment … that at key moments of truth, we will make the right call. This skill comes naturally to some, and often evolves with experience.

Now- I have never known how to best coach emerging leaders on how to develop judgment. Until I heard this story. Here it is, as told by the Rabbi.