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Inspiring Peak Performance, Every Time!

It’s 15 years ago this week that PK and I held the hands of Steve Lyons as he passed away in Kuala Lumpur from cancer. I recall the most powerful and inspiring habit Steve had. It defined him. And stays with me today. Do you do this? If not- start now!

You don’t remember what someone said, or what they did, but you always remember the way they made you feel. And Steve Lyons was an absolutely master at making you feel incredible. Steve made you feel everything and anything was possible- was within your grasp. He lifted your spirits, ambition, drive. He made your heart beat faster. All who were touched by Steve know exactly what I mean.

Here’s what Steve would do that was so inspiring. So simple. So powerful. Steve, quite simply:

The Simple Truth About How To Be More Effective

Here’s a challenge. It will take one minute- and WILL make a huge difference to your ability to achieve goals and success in what you do. And- it is simple. Up for it?

I was in Saigon last week. My colleague presented to the team an impressive plan for the first few months of 2015 – a plan to improve performance across their business. It was well thought out. Comprehensive. All the right actions were there. About 12 things that needed to be done. The team understood. And were aligned.

Now- at this stage I would normally have said “EBNE- Excellent, But Not Enough.” Instead, I yelled to myself “EBTA- Excellent, But Too Ambitious.” So I challenged the team to do something extremely hard to do: to do LESS. Here’s why.

The Very Best Job Perk of All- Do You Have It?

I was reading a book written by Facebook for its staff when I saw something that genuinely excited and inspired me. It endorses everything I believe about leading high performance teams. It’s a habit Facebook embraces: it underpins excellence. It’s an approach that will make your team a winner. Here it is.

Facebook and the great Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson have one thing very much in common.

Sir Alex would focus less on training technical skills, and more about inspiring players to strive to do better, and to never give up. He recruited what he calls ‘bad losers’, and demanded that they work extremely hard. Over the years, this attitude became contagious- players didn’t accept teammates not giving it their all. The biggest stars were no exception. Facebook’s mantra is similar, and hugely inspiring. Here it is: