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Why We Do Not Achieve Goals- And What To Do About It

There are two forces at play if you want to achieve your goals. They have to be working in partnership if you are to succeed. This is powerful. Simple. Game-changing. Read on and discover how to beat goals more often.

Look in the mirror and you will see- at the same time- your best friend and your greatest enemy. When I see me in that mirror, I shake my head in dismay, wonderment, bemusement at what an oddity I am. Strong, decisive, able in many ways…weak, flawed, broken in so many others.

What baffles me most about me is how it is that I can be so goal driven, and achieve goals so often, and yet, at the same time, fail so miserably on others, even though I try multiple ways of tackling them. Not any more! I have the answer: and here it is:

What The Media Tycoon Told Me About Building Success

I had been losing heart recently about something I love doing. Then- at breakfast last week with one of the most powerful media industry leaders in Australia- he said something that gave me the compass point to getting my mojo back. Simple. Powerful. It’s a secret to success.

A colleague asked me to join him at a breakfast meeting in Melbourne with a genuine icon of the Australian media industry. I jumped at it. A long-time friend of our group, this leader had agreed to share his thoughts on how to build long term success in doing business in Indonesia, where the company has a market leading digital capability. He did not disappoint-with wisdom and insights literally flowing off his tongue. But it was this throw-away line that I grabbed and have used to help me get something very close to me back on track. I’ll tell you what it is- what he said- and then explain the story around it.

The Key To Achieving Goals- Simple and Powerful, Yet Damned Hard To Do

There is a simple, unglamorous, obvious key ingredient to achieving goals, dreams, aspirations. It is right here in front of us, but so damned hard to do. Are you able to do it? If you can, victory is yours. Here it is.

The World Cup is upon us. It was while watching a documentary last night on the fortunes of six superb Manchester United players from the 1990s that I was reminded of this powerful insight, shared with me on Friday by a colleague.

Lukas inadvertently gave me the message for today’s Possums when he told me this: “Well, it’s time to quote from that movie ‘The Best Marigold Hotel’, when the son who is trying to restore the old hotel in India says:

One Powerful “Gold Medal” Winning Habit To Ensure You Always Achieve Your Goals

My mind kept wandering while watching the London Olympics to the greatest Olympic moment ever- in my view: a moment of disaster and of triumph- a moment I share regularly with anyone who will listen. It’s a moment with an incredibly powerful message for life, and for success. Here it is.

I got so motivated by the Olympics that I put down the chocolate bar, bought a stop watch and went up to the local oval to time my 400 meter ‘sprint’. Nearly killed me. First go- 2 minutes 12 seconds. Second go- 2 minutes 2 seconds. Third go- there was no third go.

But when I think about the greatest Olympic champion of all, I think not of Bolt, or Phelps, but of an unknown Australian who achieved gold by doing one thing- and one thing alone. It’s an incredibly critical lesson to achieving your goals, and to success. Here’s what he did: