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Setbacks Are The Best Motivators Of All!

Are you able to get up when you’ve been knocked down? It’s a key to progress. Here’s a powerful ‘helping hand’ to get you off the floor. It’s lifting me daily. Give it a go!

The undefeated martial arts world champion had the 200 advertising and media agency CEOs spellbound as she told her story of resilience. Her world changed instantly while at the height of her sporting prowess. The diagnosis: cancer. Then a letter arrived, from her ‘sensei’ (teacher) – her most valued mentor and coach. In it, just one sentence.

The Number One Reason Talented People Stay In Their Roles- True For You?

I was half listening to the corporate anthropologist ( I mean- really!) talking about culture when he said something that grabbed my attention. It was the reason he gave for why talented people stay in their roles. It really surprised me. A lot. Here it is. What do you think?

The vines of the Hunter Valley welcomed 150 of Australia’s most senior advertizing/media industry executives this week (oh, and I was there too) for a short, sharp session about the future- trends, challenges, opportunity. An early hot topic was talent- how to find great talent, and keep it. Michael Henderson, a culture expert, took the stage and shared many insights. What resonated were the five top reasons why top talent chose to stay with an organization. It was enlightening. It’s the Number One driver that surprised me the most. Here it is. What do you think about this as the reason the most talented people stay with their organizations?