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Why I Will Never Achieve My Potential

I know I could achieve more. But I haven’t. And won’t. I know why. Will you suffer my fate?

I am so grateful for what I’ve managed to do and achieve in my little career to date. Yet I am plagued with a sense I missed the boat. It’s entirely my own doing. What shackles me, and continues to do so, is my obsession with an Aussie expression and attitude that has helped me – and through emotion and arrogance, has held me back. Here it is.

What My Headmaster Told Me That Changed My Life

It was snowing heavily as I walked towards The Reverend Johnson’s study one night in West Sussex in 1978. As headmaster of our 700 pupil, all border private school, he was deciding who would be the next ‘School Captain’, a prestigious, powerful position. I was a rank outsider. What happened next shocked me, and stays with me till this day. Read on…

There was no way I was going to be made School Captain. I smoked, regularly got caught smuggling duty free alcohol into the school whenever I returned from holiday in South Africa, got busted one night playing strip poker at the local girl’s boarding school, and generally broke rules.

So the odds were against me to get the gig- a highly sought after role usually awarded to the squeaky clean toff who ticked all the right boxes. My ‘year’ had reached the stage where one of us would be leader. The headmaster chose me. I was stunned. “Why me?” I asked, bewildered. His answer is burnt into my memory. This is what he said: